7 Exclusive Hairstyles for Oval Faces

What is common between Kate Hudson and Jessica Alba? Yes, you are right. Both of these beauties have a bit long in their faces. However, if you keep a close eye on their style statements, you will see that these oval-faced celebrities look no less dazzling in various events. Eating healthy, staying fit, wearing right outfit and choosing appropriate makeup are definitely the big secrets of their gorgeous appearance. But another significant thing that also contributes to their splendor a lot is hairstyle. It is of highly important that you style up your locks in a proper manner, especially if you have an oval face. Check out these exclusive hairstyles for you:

1. Bangs with Curves

Bangs are always the best choice for a face of oval shape and if you tweak it slightly by adding soft curves on both sides, you will get an amazing look. Curved bangs create a frame for our face right around the eyes. As a result, it seems to be elongated to some extent and gives a sharp presence.

Bangs with Curves

2. Medium-Length Waves

The distinct shape of an oval face can be wonderfully defined by medium-length waves. This style gives an illusion of voluminous locks with high cheekbones so that the drawbacks of an oval face can be balanced easily. In order to get the best result, keep the length of your hair up to your shoulder.

Medium-Length Waves

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3. Beachy Bohemian Waves

If you want a little more length, go for bohemian or boho waves. The subtle waves, the top lift and the roughed-up hair strands collectively make the hairstyle superhit among oval-faced women. It not only offsets the face shape but also amps up the style quotient considerably.

Beachy Bohemian Waves

4. Long Layered Curls

Layers combined with curls look very good on oval face. A simple layer cut can completely change the shape of your face by framing it nicely. Moreover, curls give a natural bounce to make the tresses look voluminous. So, just opt for this look and stay stylish.

Long Layered Curls

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5. Smart Soft Pixie

Need a smart and elegant hairstyle? A grown-out pixie would be absolutely perfect for you. Try to avoid a square top as it might accentuate your ovoid. Also, maintain the length of the locks lying on your forehead in such a way that it counterbalances the distance between your temple and your chin flawlessly.

Smart Soft Pixie

6. Side-Swept Bangs

Another great way to make an oval face look more round is to add some asymmetry to it. Do it by choosing side-swept bangs. It will sweep over your face and give you classy appearance. At the same time, it will also drag your face a little bit down.

Side-Swept Bangs

7. Short Cute Bob

Last but not the least; choose a cute shaggy bob to enhance your facial beauty by equalizing your oval. This style is characterized by short layers with choppy ends. Consequently, the hair seems to be thick at the jaw line and your face becomes more round.

Short Cute Bob

Now, as you have enough knowledge about the most suitable hairstyles for oval faces, pick out your favorite one and flaunt it gracefully.

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