7 Common Blunders to Avoid in Your Daily Beauty Routine

We all try to follow a robust beauty routine. But sometimes, our certain habits or efforts turn damaging to our skin. Want to know what wrong are you doing in your daily beauty routine? GO through rest of the post and you will come across 7 such common beauty blunders:

Beauty Routine

1. Sleeping with Your Makeup On

You are deadly tired after the whole day and nothing seems to be better to you than throwing yourself on the bed. Wait! You might be taking a toll on your skin this way. When you go to sleep without taking your makeup off, you make a room for the excess oil, dead skin cells, harmful chemicals of the makeup products, etc. to go deeper into your skin. Consequently, you wake up with a dull and dry skin with clogged pores, wrinkles and fine lines.

2. Using Dirty Makeup Brushes

How often do you cleanse your makeup brushes? I know most of you will answer ‘never’. But if you use dirty makeup brushes again and again, you may end up developing skin inflammation, breakouts, and infections. Hence, make sure that you wash all your makeup tools with warm water or homemade cleaning solution at least once a week.

3. Poking and Popping Acne

It is the worst beauty blunder that you can ever make. We know that acne, pimples and all other types of blemishes are annoying. But squeezing them only causes ugly scars on your skin, which may be even permanent some times. In short, picking at acne can spread the infection and make you look horrible. So, try to get rid of this habit.

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4. Touching Your Face Repeatedly

You just keep touching your face all through the day, sometimes on purpose while other times subconsciously. But it is highly damaging for your skin as you do not cleanse and wash your hands before doing it each time. It moves all grime and oils from your fingers to your skin and make it more prone to infections. Hence, stop doing it again and again.

5. Over-Cleansing or Over-Exfoliating

Well, overdoing the tasks in your regular beauty routine is also not recommended. There are lots of women who think that cleansing multiple times a day or exfoliating at least once daily is helpful in getting squeaky cleanliness as well as a blemish-free skin. But it actually harms the surface layer of the skin. Cleansing your face twice a day and exfoliating twice a week are enough to get a beautiful skin.

Beauty Routine

6. Applying Conditioner to the Scalp

You believe that conditioning your scalp is good for the health of your hair. Let me tell that you are absolutely wrong. The natural oils produced by our body are enough to keep our scalp conditioned. If we condition it externally, the oil balance of the region may get disrupted. Hence, avoid applying conditioner to your scalp while shampooing your locks.

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7. Applying Old Makeup to Face

If you use your makeup products for too long, you make your skin vulnerable to severe infections. AS soon as you open the package of a product, it starts accumulating bacteria and gets contaminated. Hence, it is advised that you keep the date of expiry of the products in your mind and use accordingly.

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