7 Best Eyeshadows You Will Love Wearing

Proper eye makeup is very important…it has the wonder power of enhancing your beauty in a subtle and sensational manner. Go bold or delicate with your eye makeup and highlight your beauty in an intense and stimulating way. Some of the best brands of eyeshadows that you can avail in India include the following:

Lakme Absolute Drama Eyeshadow (Price Rs 650)

As the name itself suggests, this range of eye shadow from Lakme is all about going dramatic and impressive. Provided with one darker shade and another lighter to suit your need, this product is your all time handy help to bank on. For day wear, opt for the lighter color that adds a fine spark to your eyelids. On the other hand, go bold with the darker shade for night parties and events with equal ease.

Lakme Absolute Drama Eyeshadow

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Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow (Price Rs 500)

Become the diva of any gathering with Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow. With simple fine strokes, you can add creamy diamond effect with this eye shadow that is formulated with an advanced technology. The four color shades provided in the palette brings a magnetic touch to your eyelids.

Maybelline Diamond Glow Eyeshadow

Faces Go Chic Eye shadow (Price Rs 299)

Offering some magnetic color shades that are hard to resist, this eyeshadow range from Faces is formulated to add style in a natural manner. It has various vitamins and natural elements that keep your eyelids nourished for long. It is light in texture and extremely easy to blend with help of the sponge applicator provided in the box.

Faces Go Chic Eye Shadow Quad Review

Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eye Shadow (Price Rs 599)

For a sparkling touch on your eyelids that is sure to rock the night party, Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eye Shadow is the choice for you. It offers some amazing assorted shades in shimmer and glaze that are long lasting and smooth in texture. The sponge applicator provided in this container equally makes application of the eye shadow handy and flexible for you.

Colorbar Emphaseyes Baked Eye Shadow

Lotus Purestay Long Lasting Eye Shadow (Price Rs 645)

Formulated with corn starch and barley powder, this multi shaded long lasting eye shadow from Lotus is natural and 100% vegetarian. It has a silky and smooth texture that is smudge free and without any preservatives. Extremely easy to use, Lotus Purestay long lasting eye shadow offers some exciting electric glaze shades to try out.

Lotus Purestay Long Lasting Eye Shadow

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hours Eyeshadow (Price Rs 730)

Smooth textured, smudge free and easy to blend, this eye shadow from Revlon is a delight to wear. Its velvety long lasting formula makes it a favored choice for regular as well as party wear. It is also dermatologically tested to avoid any irritation and allergy outburst.

Revlon Colorstay 16 Hours Eyeshadow

Oriflame Very Me Soft N Glam Eye Shadow (Price Rs 299)

Available in multiple color shades, comprising of both bold and regular wear, this eye shadow range is sure to be your all time favorite. Its soft and creamy essence prevents fading, creasing and smudging, thus giving your eyelids a perfect long lasting shimmering effect.

Oriflame Very Me Soft N Glam Eye Shadow

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