7 Tips for a Beautiful, Bright and Slender Neck

We always tend to use all our washes and scrubs and lotions on the face and forget that our neck is also exposed at all times, along with the face and bears the brunt of the environmental factors that damage its delicate skin. As a result, the skin on the neck starts looking dull and sagging very soon and stands out as a strong contrast to the face. If you want your neck to also look beautiful and elegant, then make sure you follow these beauty tips for the neck and get really smooth skin on the neck that looks as lovely as the skin on your face.

Beauty Tips for the Neck 

1. Wash your neck when you wash your face  

When you wash your face twice a day, remember to also wash your neck alongside, since your neck is also exposed to the same dust and pollution that your face is. Use the face wash that you use on your face to wash your neck too, since soaps can be harsh on the delicate skin present on the neck.

2. Exfoliate the neck

The neck needs to be exfoliated once a week to remove all the dirt and oil that is deposited in the pores. So when you do your weekly face scrubbing ritual, scrub your neck too. Wet your neck and apply the scrub in upward motion. Lift your neck and use both hands to scrub all over the neck and behind the ears. Be gentle with your strokes. This helps in rejuvenating your skin and making it smooth and clear. If you want to use natural ingredients, you could apply a paste of gramflour with yogurt on your neck once a week and let it dry before washing off.

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3. Massage the neck with Vitamin E Oil 

Massage the neck with Vitamin E Oil

An oil massage helps in improving the texture of the skin on the neck and in improving the blood flow to the neck. Massaging helps in nourishing and conditioning the skin and also prevents wrinkles. Try to use an oil that is enriched in Vitamin E, like almond oil or coconut oil mixed with vitamin E and use it to massage your neck in long upward strokes. Vitamin E helps in tightening the skin and in keeping it youthful.

4. Lightening face pack with Eggs

Lightening face pack with Eggs

Whisk an egg white, mix it with some honey and apply it on the face and neck as a pack. Leave it for about ten minutes and then wash it off. Egg whites help in tightening the skin and also help in removing any pigmentation. Using this pack once a week will keep your face and neck youthful and bright.

 5. Do not forget the sunscreen on the neck 

When you step out of the house, make sure that not just your face but also the neck is protected with sunscreen. The trick is to use the sunscreen before you put on your clothes, since many a times, we tend to be lax about applying sunscreen on the neck, fearing that it would stain the collar. Make sure to cover both the front and back of the neck with sunscreen at least twenty minutes before you go out. That way, you won’t see any uneven tanning between the face and the neck.

6. Night Cream 

Before turning in for the night, be be sure to remove all the traces of makeup from not just your face but also the neck. When you use your anti aging night cream on the face, massage some onto your neck too, to prevent the skin from wrinkles and from sagging.

7. Neck Exercises 

To keep your neck elegant and slender, indulge in some neck exercises that will tone the muscles around the neck and keep the double chin at bay. You can read about Yoga exercises for the neck here

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