6 Things Acne Can Reveal About Your Health

You thought that your acne just popped out one fine day to make you look ugly on your special day, then No! It is never so. Acne is caused only when there is any disturbance or imbalance in your body’s system. And this never happens overnight. Your irregular eating or sleeping habits in the long or short run can lead to acne or skin problems you will hate to have.

Acne on different parts of your face can signify it is caused by which health related issue.

6 Things Acne Can Reveal About Your Health

1. Acne on Your Forehead:

Acne on forehead is considered to be quite common. But there is a stark difference when you have acne on your upper forehead or on your lower forehead.

Acne on upper forehead is strongly caused due to indigestion issues. This problem may arise when the food that you consume is indigestible or you are not consuming enough amounts of water. To make sure you do not have pimples on upper part of your forehead, try to eat lot of fruits and avoid junk food.

When you have acne on your lower forehead, it is a sign of excess stress on heart. It is serious and when you face this problem it is recommended to do cardio exercises and eat heart healthy food.

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2. Acne On Your Cheeks:

Again your pimples or acne developing mostly on the cheek parts have a different story to tell about your health.

Acne developing on the upper part of your cheeks is caused due to problems in lungs. This is very commonly found in smokers. It may also become a sign of asthma, infections or excessive air pollution.

Acne on your lower part of the cheeks reveals about gum and teeth problems. Therefore it becomes important to strengthen your gums by eating nutritious and healthy food and avoiding sugary foods as well as drinks.

3. Acne On Your Jaw Line:

This kind of acne problem is mostly found in women. It speaks a lot about hormonal imbalance or genital problems that occur during different phases in the life of a woman.

These pimples can convey that there is a problem in your menstrual cycle or it might be due to birth control pills or any emotional stress.

To avoid this you should try to remain calm and practise meditation or yoga to relax your mind and consult doctor for any hormonal changes.

4. Acne On Your Chin:

The acne sprouting on this part of your body is caused due to stomach, indigestion or small intestine related issues. It may speak that either you are not eating proper food or you are not able to digest your food.

In order to get rid of this problem, eat diet which you can easily digest and at the same time drink plenty of water to keep your stomach clean.

5. Acne On Your Eyebrows, Around The Eyes or Nose Bridge:

This acne is quite annoying when it occurs around your eyes and many a times it is painful also. It reveals that there is some problem with your liver.

This means that your liver needs some detoxification. It is important to have a clean liver and thus in such cases those foods which are oily and greasy should be avoided and light foods should be preferred.

6. Acne On Your Ears:

Acne on ears is mostly rare, but when it happens it is big and painful pimple which takes long time to go. It may reveal problem with kidneys.

Thus drinking enough water and attending nature’s call on time is must. Apart from that avoiding alcohol and caffeine is also recommended. You should also take care of magnesium mineral as its deficiency may also trigger this problem.

We hope you find this information helpful and now you know which corrective actions should be taken to tackle acne problems occurring on the different parts of your face.

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