6 Skin Care Products To Avoid During Pregnancy

Pregnancy is the most fulfilling experience in a women’s life. This period is all about your baby and its safety. During this period we need to be extra careful with whatever we do as that will directly affect the baby. Did you know you need to keep a tab on the skin care products you use too?

Skin Care Products That You Need To Avoid During Pregnancy

Well, yes you actually need to do that to ensure you are not indirectly harming the baby in some way or the other. The reason being, any material applied on the skin has the potential to get into the bloodstream and might get its way to the placenta therefore it is always recommended that you know the products well before using them while you are pregnant.

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The products that are a complete No-No during pregnancy are listed below:

1. Hairspray and nail polish:

Both these products contain active ingredient known as Phthalates and this is supposed to contain potential risk of causing birth defects in the fetus. Therefore it is better to avoid these products completely during your pregnancy or you have a choice of using phthalate-free nail polish. Always use the nail polish in a good ventilated room. Once the nail polish dries off, you and your baby are at less risk as the chemicals are not absorbed through the nails. Avoid using a hairspray instead try using a gel or a mousse.

2. Self-tanning products:

As per research, the self-tanning products have Dihydroxyacetone (DHA) which works by reacting with the dead layer of surface skin. DHA, however can be mutagenic, reveals the studies and has the potential to damage the DNA. Therefore self-tanning sprays can be applied generally with precaution however it is not worth the risk during pregnancy.

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3. Skin whitening products:

Skin whitening products should be avoided during pregnancy mainly because they have chemicals that can interfere with the enzymatic processes which will lead to the melanin production. In these products generally, hydroquinone or glutathione have been used as the active ingredient. Therefore it is advised that you wait until your delivery to start using these products on your skin.

4. Teeth whitening products:

Teeth whiteners have active ingredients called peroxide; this is generally considered to be safe for adults however it is not clear if it is equally safe to be used during pregnancy too. To be on the safer side it is better to avoid teeth whitening products and instead you can opt for whitening toothpaste.

5. Sunscreen:

Certain sunscreen contains oxybenzone, the absorption of which could result in low birth weight in infants. The use of sunscreen however cannot be banned completely through pregnancy too as the skin becomes very sensitive than normal during pregnancy. Therefore try using a non-chemical sunscreen. Wear a hat when you step out of the house or use an umbrella. You can use sunscreen that contains zinc oxide and titanium dioxide instead as they are not absorbed into the skin.

6. Hair removal cream:

The chemical hair removal creams are very harmful for pregnant ladies as it contains some form of thioglycolic acid. The thioglycolic acid is found to react chemically therefore it is not advised during pregnancy.


During pregnancy, you must choose products that are chemical free and check if you are allergic to it.

There are options of pregnancy approved products in every skincare product, so it is best and safe to go for those products.

Pregnancy is said to bring about hyperpigmentation, stretch marks etc. in most of the women, so you must see your dermatologist to use the right products that is safe for you and your baby.

During pregnancy you may develop allergies to any products just randomly therefore you need to be extra careful while trying any new products and avoid experimenting with skin care products as much as possible.

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