6 Exotic Homemade Night Creams for This Winter

Winter season is here and so are the woes of the skin!! Although we all love winters and it’s all pleasant during this time, there is one thing that gives us nightmares, yes the skin, which starts throwing tantrums in its own way!!

Homemade Night Creams

With winters come the skin issues like freckles, skin darkening and the big one- dry skin. The fact is that, all the issues in winter that is related to skin are due to dry skin. The skin loses its moisture during winter and looks dull; hence it is very important that we give the required nourishment to the skin during this time specially. No matter what your skin type is, applying a night cream is a very important step in the beauty routine that cannot be missed during winters. The best night creams are homemade ones, as they are completely chemical free, mild on skin and will give the ultimate results too.

We get you the recipes of several best homemade night creams that fit your budget and suit your skin too:

1. DIY Night cream with Apple:
This homemade night cream is especially for the sensitive skin beauties. Night creams with apple as their main ingredient are known to rejuvenate the skin.

Ingredients: Apple, olive oil and rose water.

Method: Take apple and grind them into a smooth paste, to that add 2 tsp of rose water and 1 tsp of olive oil. Blend them well. The cream is ready and this can be applied as a night cream. Use it regularly to get a well nourished, healthy glowing skin.

2. Aloe Vera night cream:
Aloe Vera is a good nourishing element, it is also known for getting rid of acne. To make a night cream with Aloe Vera, you need to take out a small extract of Aloe Vera from the plant and mix it with lavender oil and 1 tsp of primrose oil, blend, blend and blend! Your night cream is ready.

3. Olive oil based night cream: This one is especially for the oily skin beauties. Take olive oil around half cup, to that add 3 tbsps of beeswax and blend. Apply this overnight and regular use of it will help you get smoother skin.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

4. DIY night cream with Almond oil:

Ingredients: Almond oil, glycerine, rosewater, coconut oil

Method: Take almond and coconut oil in a pan and heat it until it melts. Once that’s done remove it from the boiler and add rose water and glycerine to it. Filter the whole thing and then store it in an airtight container.

honey almond mask

5. DIY night cream with coco butter:

Ingredients: Cocoa butter, coconut oil and olive oil.

Method: Take a thick pan; the ingredients have to be added one after another and bring them to boil until it melts. Post melting let the oil to cool down. The end product you get is your winter night cream which has ample of benefits that you will experience by regular use.

Cocoa Butter

6. DIY with Milk cream: Milk cream is a very common ingredient in making most of the cosmetics, so why not get it done in the comfort of our home without spending big money on it? Well, all you need for this recipe are

Ingredients: milk cream, rose water, olive oil and glycerin.

Method: Mix the ingredients and blend them well to a smooth paste and you have your winter night cream ready.

Directions to use the night creams: It is very important to remove all the make-up before applying the night cream. So cleanse your face thoroughly to remove all the make-up, dirt and grime that had accumulated on the skin. Lukewarm water is the best to be used to wash the face. After that take the winter night cream and apply it on the face, neck with your finger tips. Massage the cream into the skin gently for around five minutes. All these DIY winter night creams can be used on full body too.

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