6 Most Effective Herbs to Purify Your Blood

Maintaining the purity of blood is the first and foremost condition towards achieving a strong and healthy body. If toxic materials are flown throughout our bloodstream, our entire internal system will get affected and our skin will reflect it. There are quite a few blood cleansing herbs that can be used for getting rid of this condition. We have talked about the top 6 here:

1. Burdock Root

Burdock Root

Burdock root is considered as the best herbal blood purifier. It has great diuretic properties, which help in cleansing our blood by straining impurities from it. It also improves blood circulation throughout the skin, which promotes perspiration and makes the epidermal tissues free from toxic materials. According to herbalists, burdock root contains high level of ‘inulin’ which, being a resinoid hydrocarbon, keeps the liver as well as gastrointestinal tract functioning efficiently. As a result, the production of toxins in our body becomes limited and our bloodstream remains uncontaminated.

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2. Oregon Grape Root

Oregon Grape Root

Oregon grape root is the second most important herb that is used for cleansing our blood. It is enriched with berberine, an alkaloid substance holding antiseptic properties. It also possesses excellent qualities of combating infections as well as stimulating immunity. It can detoxify our blood effectively and keep us away from all types of inflammation, itching and infectivities caused by fungi, viruses and bacteria.

3. Yellow Dock

Yellow Dock

Yellow dock also has amazing blood cleansing quality. The anthraquinone glycoside content of the herb attributes to its laxative effect, which keeps our liver and digestive system healthy by stimulating the production of bile and several other digestive enzymes. Consequently, the blood flowing all through our body remains pure. The infusion prepared from this herb is used as health tonic as well as natural remedy for ‘congestive skin conditions’.

4. Pokeroot


Pokeroot or poke sallet is mostly found in certain parts of Africa, Europe and the U.S. It is also known for its good blood cleansing capacity. It basically works on our lymphatic system and makes them free from impurities. Our connective tissues also get purified by pokeroot. In short, this herb shows a great positive impact on our blood and cleanses it in a number of ways. However, while consuming the herbal infusion of pokeroot, make sure that you are taking in only 5-10 drops each 3 consecutive hours. Or else, you might end up developing stomach disorders.

5. Chaparral


When it comes to eliminating harmful heavy metals from our bloodstream in a natural way, nothing can be better than having the herbal infusion of chaparral leaves. It is a strong antioxidative agent, which serves the purpose of an antibiotic too. It not only purifies our blood, but also plays a pivotal role in cleansing our lymphatic system. However, the consumption of chaparral must be in moderation in order to avoid liver disorders.

6. Red Clover

Red Clover

Red clover is another powerful herbal blood cleanser. The blossoms of this herb are rich in vitamin E as well as beta-carotene, which help in keeping our liver healthy. Moreover, it works as a good diuretic substance too. Due to these properties of red clover, our blood remains toxin-free and we become able to stay away from diseases.

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