6 Easy Office Exercises: How to Stay In Shape at Work

Office exercises, also popularly known as ‘deskercises’, are certain simple-to-learn and easy-to-practice movements that are perfect for people having desk-bound jobs. Their works need them to spend long hours just by sitting on the ass right in front of the computers, which can eventually take a toll on their health as well as fitness. So, here are 6 common yet effective office exercises that can be practiced anywhere and help you stay in the shape. Check them out:

Easy Office Exercises

1. Shoulder Stretching

If you spend most of the time of your day sitting in front of your computer and looking at the screen, your shoulders definitely need to be stretched frequently.

  • Lift both of your shoulders up together in such a way that it looks like you are shrugging.
  • Hold the position for 5 to 10 seconds and then, relax.
  • Repeat at least 10 times in one go.

2. Tapping Feet

This simple exercise can be practiced without leaving the chair. But make sure that the floor is carpeted in order to avoid the noise. It will work directly on your leg muscles. Moreover, your heart rate will go higher and blood flow will improve throughout the body.

  • Tap your feet on the floor in such a way that it looks like you are running.
  • Start slowly and increase the speed bit by bit.

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3. Wall Sit

You can keep your spinal cord perfectly straight while practicing this exercise in your office during the free time.

  • Stand straight in front of a wall by keeping your feet at a little distance from it.
  • Now, create a position as if you are sitting on a chair. Lean towards the wall and let your back touch the wall. But push your feet slightly away.
  • Hold the position as long as possible and then, relax.

4. Elbow to Knee

It is another wonderful office exercise that offers great movement to our body and work directly on our abdominal muscles.

  • Sit erect on your chair and place both of your hands at the sides of your head.
  • Bend your entire body to the left side, while raising your left leg as well as bringing your right elbow up in the direction of your knee.
  • Stay in this position for 5 to 10 seconds and then relax.
  • Now, change the side and repeat the process again.

Easy Office Exercises

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5. Praying Position

It is one of the best desk exercises for arms that you can do anywhere and everywhere literally.

  • Sit straight on the chair with your feet lying flat on the floor.
  • Bring both of your palms towards your chest and place them together as if you are praying.
  • Push your hands outwards, while keeping the palms together.
  • Stay in this position for 10 to 20 seconds and then, relax.

6. Hip Flexion

This exercise mainly targets your hip muscles and makes your leg stronger. However, there is no need of leaving the desk.

  • Sit on the chair by keeping your back straight. Your knees should make right angles with the floor.
  • Now, raise your right feet and stay in that position for 5 to 10 seconds. Resume your previous position.
  • Repeat it with your left leg too.
  • Practice the whole exercise several times a day.

Keep practicing these ‘deskercises’ not only to stay in the shape, but also to remain absolutely fine in the long run. Stay fit, keep working!


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