5 Yogasanas for Glowing Skin

Yoga is normally done by people seeking a fit and flexible body. But did you also know that there are many asanas that will help you get rid of skin problems and give you a glowing skin?

Let us take a look at a few of the asanas that will help you achieve great skin!

1. Suryanamaskar or sun salutation: 


This is one of the few asanas that will make you sweat. It is composed of 12 different poses. Sweating helps clean up your pores and rid your skin of impurities. The suryanamaskar works almost every part of the body and improves blood circulation and flexibility. It helps de-stress the body and also in adding vigour to your body. Also, doing it early in the morning, facing the sun helps you get the much needed Vitamin D that does wonders to your skin.

2. Halasana


Halasana or the plough pose is a slightly complicated asana. Lie down on your back. Slowly support your hips with your hands and lift your legs up. You need to now bend your legs backwards so that it touches the floor. If you are a beginner, support your hips with your hands and hold your legs at right angles to your torso.

This increases the blood flow to the brain and flushes your face, thereby bringing a glow to it.

3. Pranayama


Breathing exercises such as the anulom-vilom pranayama and kapalabhati get you focussed on your breathing and relive stress. Within a week of practising these asanas, the results will be evident on the skin. They help flush out toxins and improve the breathing pattern.

Start with 20 counts a day and work your way up to 50-60 counts to see the difference.

Chanting a mantra like om while doing your breathing exercises will help calm you down and relieve your stress- one of the major factors behind skin problems.

4. Twisted seat pose

Twisted seat pose

Sit cross legged on the ground. Hold your right knee with your left hand. Stretch your right hand outwards such that the palm is touching the floor behind your back. Now twist your torso so that you look back.

This is a holistic asana that will twist the stomach muscles and tone it up. It will also improve your flexibility and reduce double chin and fine lines. Practise the pose at least 5 times on each side.

5. Shavasana


You might think how can we get any benefit by doing the easiest of all the asanas- shavasana that is almost like sleeping? All you need to do is lie down on your back, legs slightly parted and palm facing upward. And relax. The idea behind doing shavasana is to relax your entire body and let go of any tension or stress. Focus on happy thoughts while doing shavasana and see your stress levels plummet with each day. With reduced stress levels comes beautiful skin.

Also remember to eat good food in order to get maximum benefit from yoga. Yoga advises you to eat sattvic food that is free from heavy oils and spices. Try to cut down on such foods while practising yoga and eat natural healthy food and see your skin glow automatically!

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