5 Ways to Preserve Your Blowout and Make It Last Longer

We all love to get beautiful sleek blowouts, right? But wait! Do they last for even a single week? Oh, yes! They do. And maintaining a blowout as well as making it last longer is the real trick. Want to know more about it? Read on:

Preserve Your Blowout

1. Stay Away from Washing Your Hair Regularly

Well, we are not telling you to be nasty. But washing your hair religiously every single day can turn out to be the killer for your blowout. The ‘thrice a week’ routine is a decent one to follow for this purpose. Or, you can simply wait for your scalp to signal you to wash and clean the dirt and dandruff accumulated onto it.

2. Be Gentle While Cleansing and Conditioning

Cleansing and conditioning are two most important steps that set up our tresses for a proper blowout. The way you cleanse your hair and condition it can predict how the process of drying will go and how long the blowout will stay. Be as gentle as possible during cleansing so that the locks do not end up getting frizzy instead of turning silky smooth. Also, use right amount of conditioner and prevent your hair from weighing down.

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3. Use Protection During Heat Application

As we all know, heat styling takes a toll on our locks and ruin its health to a great extent. If you do not take enough protective measure while doing it, your blowout will not go a considerable distance. So, spritz a protective hairspray to your hair in between the process of blow drying as well as flat-ironing and buffer your locks from the damaging heat. It will not only preserve your blowout, but will also give it a salon-like shine.

4. Get Oodles of Volume with Lots of Curls

Try to give your hair a significant volume by adding lots of curls. It has been seen that a head full of curls needs less frequent blowouts. But the question is, how to give your curls proper hold and make them look voluminous so that they last comparatively longer than others? Just turn your head upside down and apply hairspray while curling up your locks. Simple!

Preserve Your Blowout

5. Take Care of Your Hair While Going to Bed

Most of us wake up in the morning with destroyed blowouts and a broken heart. Let us put a stop to this practice by taking great care of our curls, while going to bed. Get a small thin elastic band and turn your hair into a loose ponytail with that. Try to fold the band only once in order to keep your hair in its place. You can also wrap your curls with a silk bandana or scarf and prevent them from getting ruined during the sleep.

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Now, here are a few more useful tricks that can give you mind-blowing blowouts with long-lasting texture:

  • Start blow drying your hair as soon as you get out of the shower so that it doesn’t get any chance to dry on its own.
  • Do not stop your task half way. Rather, blow-dry your hair completely as the last 3 minutes of the process offer maximum dryness as well as ultimate resistance to frizz.
  • Take your hair in small thin sections and work on them one by one. It will help you get better blowouts with longer life.

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