5 Most Vital Points to Apply Acupressure for the Proper Management of Body Weight

Dying to shed off those additional pounds and achieve the dream body weight? Well, getting into shape through fat loss or weight management does not necessarily refer to dieting hard and exercising harder. You can do it in a more simple and smart manner. Just opt for acupressure therapy and identify those exclusive body points which need to be stimulated for managing the body weight efficiently. Here is a brief guide for you:

Acupressure weight loss

Point 1 –Appetite Control Points

Appetite Control Points

Actual Location: These are located at different parts of our body. Most of them can be found behind the ears, while others can be identified amid the nose and the upper lip, at the center of the biggest section of the calf, in the middle of the groove right behind the knee and in the curve present right above the heel.

Stimulation: By using your first finger and index finger, apply penetrating pressure constantly up to 3 minutes.

Benefits: It reduces food cravings or frequent hunger pangs and helps you stay away from overeating.

Point 2 – Spleen 6 (Sp 6)

Spleen 6

Actual Location: It is situated at least 4 inches up from the midpoint of the ankle bone. You can find this spot on the inner side of the leg.

Stimulation: Tap the point with your knuckles or simply use your thumbs. Start with gentle strokes but increase the pressure little by little. When the pressure becomes quite high, stay in that position for 1 minute and then relax.

Benefits: It has a deep impact on our digestive system, which eventually leads to healthy and standard eating.

Point 3 – Stomach 36 (St 36)

Stomach 36

Actual Location: Go to the lower edge of your kneecap and you will be able to find out stomach 36 at a distance of 4 inches. It is also about 1 inch far from the external surface of the shin bone. Just lift your leg to check whether the muscle is flexing right under your fingers or not.

Stimulation: With the help of your thumb and index fingers, apply medium to high force to the spot. Continue up to 1 minute and then release.

Benefits: When you stimulate stomach 36, your digestive system starts functioning more efficiently. As a result, the extent of your food intake remains under control, which contributes to proper weight management significantly.

Point 4 – Spleen 9 (Sp 9)

Spleen 9

Actual Location: The position of spleen 9 is very close to stomach 36. Once you reach stomach 36, just pass by the shinbone from corner to corner and approach towards the inner side of the leg. Go around 1 inch above of this place by the side of the shinbone and you will come across a natural depression towards the knee right on the top of ‘tibia’.

Stimulation: From gentle tapping to circular motions of fingers, everything will do for stimulating this point.

Benefits: By stimulating this spot, you can take control over the water metabolism in your body. It is essential for the proper management of body weight.

Point 5 – Large Intestine 11 (Li 11)

Large Intestine 11

Actual Location: Bend your hand towards your chest so that the arm forms a 90-degree angle with the ground. It will develop a crease at your elbow. The large intestine 11 is located at the external edge of this crease on the side of your thumb.

Stimulation: Apply firm pressure on the Li 11 of your left hand. Hold for some time. After 1 minute or so, alter your hands and do vice versa.

Benefits: When our body gets too heated or too damp, the normal functionalities of our intestines get affected. Stimulating this point will help you get rid of those excessive heat or damp. Consequently, your intestines will become more effective and your body weight will remain under control.

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