5 Simple Yet Catchy Afro Textured Hairstyles

African hair is considered to be quite different from others due to its unique shade and texture. As we all know, the hair of Africans has its own set of features that can never be altered completely by using mechanical or chemical procedures. In this post, I’ll focus on Afro textured hair, which is basically the natural hair of Black Africans. Read on below to know more about the specialties of this hair and 5 exclusive ways to style it up.

Salient Features of Afro Textured Hair

The major attribute of Afro textured hair is its kinky nature which is kept absolutely intact. The natural texture of the black African hair is not at all changed by using flat iron or hot comb in Afro textured hairstyles. Straightening, perming, and other chemical treatments are also not used for styling up the hair. As a result, the shafts gradually turn into dense spring-like coils.

5 Best Afro Textured Hairstyles

Now, here we have sorted out 5 simple yet much appreciated Afro textured hairstyles for you. Have a look at the following list:

1. High Bun Duos

Well, which other hairdo can be more simple and easier than this one, especially when it comes to styling Afro textured hair? All you need to do is to create a center part and two high buns at both sides of your head and you are all set to sport your ‘puffy’ hair. If you wish, you can also keep the ends of your two buns open for getting a piled up look.

Afro Textured Hairstyles

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2. Braided Single Bunch

Bunches hairstyles look really great on twirled Afro textured hair. In this particular hairdo, the hair at one side of the head is converted into a bunch, while rest of the hair is left loose. In order to add more twist to it, you can simply braid some hair strands at that side of the head and wrap it around the hair tie. Uniquely beautiful, right?

Afro Textured Hairstyles

3. Piled Braided Up Do

Want to wear a piled up hairdo on your kinky hair? Check out this amazing one. The hair present at the front section is braided from one ear to another, while rest of the hair is piled up at the back of the head. This hairstyle not only helps in giving your hair a fuller look but also add a modern edge to it.

Afro Textured Hairstyles

4. Bun with Pompadour

A high bun can turn out to be the perfect style statement of a woman with Afro textured hair. Have a look at this amazing hairdo and you will realize why you should give this ‘bun at the crown’ a try. You can also spice up your entire look by including a pompadour in your hairstyle. You’re looking trendy, right?

Afro Textured Hairstyles

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5. Big Twisted Up Do

Last but not the least is this twisted up do in which you need to create long twists with your coiled hair and create a web-like structure all over your head. If you want to look totally unusual, this eye-catching hairstyle will certainly help you a lot.

Afro Textured Hairstyles

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