5 Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Is the Enemy of Your Skin

Cell phones and skin issues? Yes, they are linked to each other and that too intensely. If you consider your cellphone as your best partner, beware now! You might be hurting your skin this way. Let us go deeper into the fact and disclose the reasons why cell phone is actually the enemy of our skin:

5 Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Is the Enemy of Your Skin

1. It Gives Pesky Acne

Each time you need to hold the handle of your toilet seat or touch it just accidentally, you are like ‘YUCK!’! But do you know that the entire surface of your cellphone carries way more bacteria and germs than it? When you speak over the phone for a long period, all your makeup and sweat get accumulated right on its screen, which may end up causing ugly breakouts to your skin. Hence, try to keep your cell phone clean by wiping it frequently with a mixture of water and alcohol (60:40). Using earpiece will also help you prevent this.

2. It Causes Dark Spots

When was the last time you stopped talking to your best friend over the cellphone just because of overheating? Probably never. Well, this might be the reason behind those stubborn dark spots, which you have developed on your cheeks. If your skin gets in touch with the overheated device, it will get burned, which might mess with the production of melanin and cause discolorations like dark spots eventually. It is highly recommended that you avoid the direct touch with your cell phone while speaking over it and use bluetooth device.

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3. lt Brings About Allergies

Have you ever imagined that your cellphone can actually bring about severe allergies to your skin? According to the latest findings, most of the cell phone manufacturers use metals like nickel, chromium and cobalt in order to add a metallic gloss to the casings of the device and make it eye-catching. The presence of high amounts of such skin allergens can give us rashes, which is called ‘cellphone dermatitis’. Hence, it is always a wise idea to use screen protector and plastic case to avoid direct contact of the device with your skin.

5 Reasons Why Your Cell Phone Is the Enemy of Your Skin

4. It Leads to Under-Eye Circles

Do you keep checking your cellphone even after turning off the light at night? If yes, then the chances are big that all your issues like under-eye dark circles, puffy eyes, etc. are developed from it. The screen of the device contains a bright LED light, which emanates a blue glow even in the dark. It affects our sleeping pattern by eluding the internal rhythm. As a result, we become insomniac and develop large dark circles as well as bags under our eyes. To avert such problems, switch off your phone right after the dinner and keep using a good under-eye cream.

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5. It Results into Wrinkles

If you are very much into mobile chatting or gaming, you might end up welcoming your age before the time. Several studies have revealed that constant staring at the keypad of the cellphone in a downward direction can result into a certain skin condition called ‘techneck’. It is characterized by wrinkles and fine lines beneath the chin as well as all through the neck. It has also been found that squinting at the small texts can lead to ‘crow’s feet’ around the eyes. Therefore, try to reduce the usage of your cellphone as much as possible or at least invest in high quality anti-aging products.

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