5 Must Know Facts about Choosing the Right Pair of Shades

Be it keeping your eyes safe in sunlight or boosting your fashion quotient, sunglasses are just perfect for each and every purpose. But do you know how to make the most of this fashion accessory by choosing them right? Don’t worry. Here is the guide for you. Know about 5 vital facts that can help you select the right pair of shades:

UV Protection

UV protection

It is the first and foremost thing that you should take into account while picking a pair of sunglasses. If you need to stay under the sun for long, your eyes can get severely affected by the harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. In order to avoid such situations, try to invest in shades that offer as much as 99% protection from the UV radiation. You may find certain brands that claim to absorb the damaging rays up to 400 nm, which is basically equivalent to 100% protection. So, go for these sunglasses without any hesitation.

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Optical Quality

After UV protection, here comes the second most important factor – the optical quality of the shades. There is no point in choosing some cool designs with poor quality lenses. Hence, perform an easy test before spending your money. Cover your right eye with your right palm and hold the pair of sunglasses in your left hand. Now, move it up and down as well as back and forth slowly by positioning it at a moderate distance while looking at the floor. If the quality of the lenses is good, the lines will remain straight through them. But if you find them wiggling very much, switch to another pair that is of higher quality.

Impact Resistance

Make sure that the lenses used in your favorite sunglasses are impact-resistant. Well, it is true that each and every lens is breakable. But there are certain materials that can meet the general impact standards and make the shades less fragile. Try to get something made of polycarbonate plastics. It is even better to have a scratch-resistant coating on them. This way, your glasses will be safe while hit by stone.

Hue and Polarization

The color of your sunglasses should match your skin tone. For fair-skinned people, something bright is always the best choice. Dusky beauties must stick to light tints instead of electrifying colors. But if you possess whitish or peach-colored skin tone, you can sport just anything and everything. On the other hand, polarization of lenses does not contribute to its UV protection capacity. However, it is a much better option in case of deflecting glare.

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Your Budget

Budget for buying Sunglasses

Oh yes! Price of sunglasses definitely matters a lot. Many people believe that only expensive pairs of shades can provide utmost UV protection, which is completely wrong. There are a number of brands as well as manufactures offering stylish and UV-protective eyewear ranges at extremely affordable prices. So, there is really no need to burn a hole in your pocket.

Tip: Remember, sunglasses are not the right option to use during hazardous activities. Hence, go for selected protective eyewear for this purpose.

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