5 Home Remedies For Instant Face Glow

Do you want to have a flawless skin that will make you glow? A lot of women have opted for endless whitening and skin glow creams and ended up without any solid results. Are you tired of doing the same too? You can make smart use of natural remedies that will help you in getting instant face glow.

Instant Face Glow

Why You Should Use Home Remedies?

There are a lot of women who prefer home remedies to chemical solutions. The fact that home remedies are devoid of side effects makes them a popular choice. Following is the list of top five home remedies that you can use.

5. Honey Is The Magic Element

Honey is one of those naturally found ingredients that have been in use since times immemorial. You can make a milk and honey face pack easily at your home by following these instructions.

2 teaspoons of milk should be mixed with a single teaspoon of honey. To this paste, add 1 teaspoon of gram flour. Mix it thoroughly to have a uniform mixture and apply it to your face. Leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes to dry off and wash it off with lukewarm water.

Protein, calcium and vitamin C contained in raw milk along with antibacterial properties of honey help in giving you a bright glow.

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4. Almond Mask

Take four almonds and crush it to make a paste. To this paste, add 1 teaspoon of rose water and 2 teaspoon of whole milk. Mix it thoroughly and apply it on your face. This paste is sure to show results because the blend of milk, fresh rose water and almond paste will remove the dead cells from your face and give a bright glow.

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3. Papaya Face Pack

Ripe papaya is rich in beta hydroxyl acid which is an effective exfoliator. In order to make a papaya pack, you first need to cut a papaya into small pieces. Sandal powder and fuller’s earth need to be added to the pulp. Add a single teaspoon of honey as it acts as moisturizer. When you have made a uniform pulp, you can apply it on your face. This face pack is extremely effective as not only will it remove the dead cells, but it rejuvenates the facial cells and brings it to life. You will see the effect in a short span of time.

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2. Green Tea Scrub

Green tea is one of the best natural ingredients that will help you in making the finest natural face pack that can yield results. You first need to boil tea leaves in water. After it gives its own characteristic color, let it cool. Take out two tea spoons of liquid and to this solution, you need to add two teaspoons of brown sugar. Finally, add a single teaspoon of cream. Mix uniformly and then apply the paste. Wash it off with cold water after ten minutes. This paste will help in improving the elasticity of your face and you will get a warm and radiant glow.

1.   Orange Mask

Orange is rich in citric acid and vitamin C both of which can come in handy in refreshing the skin and it will also help you in dealing with acne. Making the paste is extremely easy and you merely need to grind the orange peel and make a good smooth paste out of it. Add 2 teaspoons of rose water and mix it thoroughly. Leave it for fifteen minutes and wash it off with cold water.

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