5 Habits To Avoid That Cause Hair fall

Change your hairstyle and you have a new look to boast of. Any makeover is incomplete without a new hairdo. Our beauty is by hair and loosing hair to a few habits makes you feel guilty after the act is done. Don’t prey fall to these habits that not only cause hair fall but is a kick start to calling many hair, skin and health issues. We bring to you habits to avoid that cause hair fall.

5 Habits To Avoid That Cause Hair fall

1. Hair Styling & Hair Care Products

Combing your hair immediately when wet – with brush, tying them in a tight ponytail or bun are all ways – to bring on the hair fall. If you tie your hair in the same style and place for a longer span, your hair will become weak and start breaking. In the same manner, exposing them to heat with straighteners, curling irons do more harm than good to your hair. All these habits lead to hair fall. Our ancestors were blessed with length, thickness and type of hair we can only long for. One of the key reasons, to having those hair, was use of natural ingredients. With current times and competition, we expose our hair to innumerable chemicals just to look better than the best. Hair colouring – the need to avoid  grey hair from showing, celebrity in vogue trends hair colours are reasons to name a few. These chemicals and hair care products are good to have, apply and use but not as good as your natural ways to get your desired look.

2. Piling on Junk Food

When the nutrition in food is missing or lost, the food is of no value. Junk food falls in that category. The only thing that junk food contains are toxins in high numbers which is the reason for stress and hair fall. To eliminate the excess toxins in the body, the scalp too participates, making the hair oily and dull. Another factor that adds to the hair fall is the crash diet fad. If you are looking to lose weight, congratulations, you have a good thought in your mind. But you cannot become thin from being overweight in a day,  the same way you did not pile on those kilos in a day. If you expose your body to many physiological changes,the body will show effects of being stressed, one of them being hair fall. This may not be true in all cases.

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3. Water deprivation

The miracle drink, that truly is miraculous. Firstly it’s the only thing that’s zero calorie and to top it, it’s your source to eliminating toxins the best way. Dehydration will add on the toxins in your body, without finding an alternative to releasing those toxins. Accumulation of toxins will lead to hair fall due to oily and dull hair. Your hair may eventually also start splitting and breaking. All that can happen to anyone for not drinking 8-10 glasses of water in a day.

5 Habits To Avoid That Cause Hair fall

4. Stress

Stress can lead to temporary high volume hair loss. Even though most of the times the lost hair due to stress will re grow but after a certain age, your hair may not grow at the speed and the way you like. Talk of age and the things that happen to you as you grow old.

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5.  Not Sleeping Enough

Everyone will stress on the importance and it may just seem a necessary thing to sleep late, wake up early and live mechanically. Did you know sleeping from 10:00 pm to 2:00 am is must as it’s the time when your body releases proteins and regenerates cells. So if health is really that important imagine losing out on the most crucial sleeping hours. Poor lifestyle habits cause physiological changes in our body and in turn lead to stress and induce hair fall. Sleeping eight hours rightly and you may just avoid the hair thinning that’s been happening to you for a while.

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