5 Best Hair Revitalizers in India

Dull and lifeless hair can be such a let down. If your hair has lost its sheen and you cannot find a product that can help you restore life into them, it is time to try out some hair revitalizers. These are tonics with special ingredients that nourish the roots and stimulate the strands. Your hair will end up looking healthier and full of vitality. There are other benefits of using a hair revitalizer as well. If you have hair fall and thinning hair, these hair tonics will also help you treat this condition. Here are the best hair revitalizer in India:

L’Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular Conditioner: This is a perfect formulation to fight a dry scalp. It nourishes your scalp and revitalizes the roots. Your strands are longer, stronger and much healthier. This conditioner is ideal for chemically treated hair and can instantly detangle your hair so that it is much silkier. It’s formula is moisture rich and gives your hair the perfect kick you have been looking for. Since it thoroughly moisturizes your hair deeply, it also tames your unruly mane and protects your hair against further chemical treatments or heat. A 150 ml bottle is available for Rs. 475.

L'Oreal Professionnel Absolut Repair Cellular Conditioner

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Kerastase New Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate: If you want to transform your hair in 7 days, Initialiste is the advanced care you should should be vying for. This is a super serum that helps improve the strength, vitality, shine and softness of your hair. Your hair texture will be visibly improved within one week. As you continue to use this serum, your hair will be more nourished, healthier and will grow much longer. The makers of the product claim that with regular use, your hair breakage will reduce by at least 93%. It is suitable for all hair types and drastically improves hair resilience. A 60 ml bottle is available for Rs. 4,200.

Kerastase New Initialiste Advanced Scalp and Hair Concentrate

Khadi Vitalising Hair Growth Oil: This vitalizing hair oil is a must for long and beautiful hair with a lot of shine and luster. Regular use of the oil prevents dryness of your scalp, deep conditioning it and bringing a lot of nourishment to it. The oil not only revitalizes your hair, but also prevents hair loss, split ends and weak and brittle hair. It is ideal for you if you have frizzy and curly hair. Since this oil deep moisturizes your strands, you can use it post your hair wash to tame them. A 210 ml bottle of this vitalizing oil is priced at Rs 350.

Khadi Vitalising Hair Growth Oil

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Keratin Infusion: This is a new generation of hair revitalizer which replenishes your hair to give them a completely new life. Even if your hair is heavily eroded and damaged, this replenishment and revitalizing serum will help you improve the hair quality. The serum has a formula that combines micronized hair and identical keratins. They penetrate deeply and infuse the cellular structure of your hair with keratin cell complex. It also cements the intercellular bonding of your hair, making them stronger and more resilient to force. This is one of the best revitalizing tonics available commercially and a 15 ml tube is available for Rs. 1,360.

Schwarzkopf Bonacure Fibre Force Keratin Infusion

Kaya Hair Health Gel: This hair gel contains a specially formulated vitamin, minerals and protein complex which works on your hairs. It deeply penetrates the roots of your hair, strengthening your hair and the roots and preventing hair fall. For men and women who have been experiencing a lot of hair fall, this is a great solution. The gel contains special herbal mix of extracts from saw palmetto, hibiscus and gingko biloba. It nourishes your hair from within and makes them much more lustrous as well as manageable. The gel comes in a bottle with a pump and a 200 ml bottle is available for Rs. 400. It can be used both pre and post your weekly hair wash.

Kaya Hair Health Gel

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