3 Different Ways to Take Off Fake Eyelashes Without Pain

Do you feel pain each time you take off your falsies? Are you losing your natural lashes from the time you started wearing the fake ones? All you need to do is keep a close eye on the way you take your false lashes off. You might be doing it wrong. Let us guide you through the right ways to remove falsies. Here we go:

Take Off Fake Eyelashes Without Pain

 (A) By Using a False Eyelash Glue Remover

Just like the glue present in your fake eyelash kit, there are also several branded glue removers (a mild, fragrant solvent) available in the market. If you prefer readymade products over natural ones, it should be your first choice for taking the falsies off.

  1. Find the best false eyelash glue remover depending on the type of your skin. Ensure that none of the ingredients will cause allergic reactions upon application.
  2. Get rid of all sorts of eye makeup so that no buildup remains on your eyelids. Make use of a gentle eye makeup remover and a cotton swab / pad for this purpose rather applying a soap or face wash.
  3. Dab some glue remover onto a fresh cotton swab to make it thoroughly damp. Pull the outer corner of any of your upper eyelids slightly down to get a better view of the line of extension. Now, apply the remover by moving the cotton swab from external to internal edge of the eyelid along the lash line. Repeat it several times for each eyelid so that the glue starts to dissolve and the fake lashes are loosened up.
  4. After 30 seconds, pull them off the eyelids slowly and carefully by using tweezers or fingertips. You just need to grip the ends of the falsies at the inner corners of your eyes and tug a little upwards.
  5. In case, your lash lines contain glue leftovers, swipe the cotton swab across them once more. Then, wash off your face, especially your natural eye lashes with lukewarm water.

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(B) By Using an Eye Makeup Remover

You can replace the false eyelash glue remover with your regular eye makeup remover.

  1. Pick a mild liquid eye makeup remover. It should be non-oil-based for reusable falsies, while other types can be used for disposable ones. You must not be allergic to the ingredients of the product to be used.
  2. Pour required amount of the remover onto a cotton ball and wipe away the makeup from your eyes completely so that you can start removing the false lashes.
  3. Take another fresh cotton swab and get one of its ends moistened by dipping it into the eye makeup remover.
  4. Now, rub it across your lash lines in a back and forth motion so that the glue dries up and comes off gradually. Be as gentle as possible to avoid any sort of damage and repeat the process until both of your eyelids become glue-free.
  5. Take off the falsies just like the way you did it in the previous method and you are done.

Take Off Fake Eyelashes Without Pain

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(C) By Applying Steam and a Gentle Oil

If you want to take off your fake eye lashes in all natural oil, give this simple method a try.

  1. Start with removing your eye makeup with a good quality eye makeup remover.
  2. Then, go for a facial steaming in order to loosen up the falsies from your actual eyelashes. For this, you just need to lean a little over a pot of steaming water by covering your entire head with a towel and treat your face with the steam for 10 to 15 minutes.
  3. Choose a gentle oil of your choice (options include olive oil, almond oil, coconut oil or baby oil). Pour enough of it over a cotton swab so that it becomes saturated.
  4. Start wiping your eyelids from one corner to another of your lash lines. Be extremely gentle during the process. Continue it until the false lashes come off easily.
  5. Finally, rinse off your face with lukewarm water to get rid of oil and lash glue residue completely.

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