15 Makeup Ingredients to Avoid

Carry out a survey and you’ll find that more than 90% women hate to be out of their house without a patch of makeup. This is the charm of makeup! But do you know that many of these charismatic makeup products are packed with highly toxic ingredients? Know about those formidable ingredients which hide hazards beneath the attractive cover of beauty enhancer.

  1. Benzoil Peroxide – This chemical is mostly found in acne products. This chemical is highly hazardous for human use, as it works as a mutagen which destroys DNA in mammals. And also it may cause irritation to your skin, eyes and respiratory organs due to its toxic nature.
    Makeup Ingredients to Avoid
  2. FD&C Color & Pigments – Often found in hair dyes, this harmful chemical is extracted from coal tar. No wonder, it contains dangerous chemicals such as heavy metal salts. These heavy metal salts deposit high amount of toxin in body when applied. The deposition of toxins eventually leads for depletion of oxygen which cause death several times. While tested on animals, it left all of them carcinogenic.
  3. Parabens – Deodorants and many other skin care products include chemicals such as parabens. This is often used as preservative in these cosmetics. This chemical puts very harmful impact on users as it leads male users towards sterility while causes early puberty and hormone unbalancing in females. This chemical is also found in tumors of breast cancer.
  4. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate and Sodium Laureth Sulphate – Whenever you buy a shampoo, check its ingredients list. You’ll find that Sodium Laureth Sulphate is an important part of the composition. This chemical is very dangerous for eye and if you have a sensitive skin, it may leave you with multiple skin issues.
  5. Propelyn Glycol – your lipstick might contain it. And if you keep putting Propelyn Glycon on your skin, it may lead you to brain and kidney abnormalities.
  6. DEA – Are you fond of those skin washes which produces too much of foam? And these products are not only skin irritant but also cause skin dermatitis.
  7. Dioxin – Not every cosmetic company mentions this chemical on label of its products. Dioxin is commonly found in cleansers. This is one of the most toxic chemicals, as it has cancerous properties. Apart from cancer, it also causes nervous system disorders, miscarriages, birth deformity.
  8. PEG – A substitute for Dioxin, this harmful chemical is found in almost everything whether you are using baby soap, toothpaste or skin creams. PEG contains a harmful level of Dioxin.
  9. Sunscreen Chemicals – Chemicals such as Avobenzon, PABA, Benzophenon are the base for many sunscreen products. These chemicals have DNA damaging properties.
  10. DMDM hydantoin and Urea – a base for number of cosmetics, DMDM Hydantoin and Urea simply causes joint pain, skin reaction, allergies as well as chronic fatigue.
  11. Phthalates – This chemical is normally not listed in the label of beauty products but it is highly hazardous for liver and kidneys as well as causes early breast development in girls.
  12. Triclosan – This is essentially a pesticide yet it is found in many beauty enhancing products. It not only poses risks to you but also to the environment.
  13. Ammonium Hydroxide – An important ingredient of hair care products and skin whitening agents, Ammonium Hydroxide is highly dangerous to use, as it leads towards skin cancers.
  14. Lead – Almost every lipstick contains an amount of the chemical form of this heavy metal. This beauty product ingredient is so harmful that if ingested, it can cause severe brain and nervous system maladies.
  15. Butyl Acetate – A part of nail polish and nail strengthening product’s composition, this chemical causes dizziness and in case of excessive exposure, it makes your skin too dry and forms painful cracks on it.

Anushakti Tarkeshwar Singh

Anu Shakti Singh is a writer by nature and profession who shows equal perfection in carrying off a mother’s responsibility as well as a fashionista’s garb.

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