15 Most Amazing Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

Love to color your nails but find it tough to keep the polish last longer? All you need to do is learn some basic tips and tricks that can add to your manicure practice and give you healthy, beautiful polished nails. Here are 15 most amazing ways to make your nail polish last for as long as months:

Amazing Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

1. Keep your nails short. The longer the tips of your nails will be, the more frequently and badly they will get chipped.

2. Proper filing is important for healthier and prettier manicured nails. Do it either to the right or to the left, but ensure that the same direction is followed for each of the nails. It can keep peeling, breakage and many other issues away.

3. Choose matte nail polishes instead of shimmery or glittery ones. These are easy to apply, easy to remove and above all, considerably long-lasting.

4. Always prepare your nail beds for the polish by wiping them with a good acetone-free polish remover. It removes natural oils and makes the nail color stay longer than usual.

5. Never ever skip the base coat while coloring your nail with a lacquer. This is a part of preparing your nails for the manicure, which helps the polish stick the nails more effectively.

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6. Apply the polish in thin strokes instead of piling it on your nails. It will prevent frequent peel-offs and increase the life of your polish significantly.

7. Find the best topcoat and indulge in it irrespective of the price. It is only a good topcoat that can prevent your nail polish from chipping as long as 7 days.

8. Make sure that you seal the free edges of your nails with a transparent polish perfectly. It is the edge of a nail which starts chipping first and hence, you need to protect it by covering with another polish.

9. Let your nail polish dry completely before you get back to your work. If you do not give your nails enough time to dry, you will end up causing smudges, thereby destroying all your hard work.

10. It is always advised that you stay away from soaking your polished nails in water for fast drying. This makes the nails to absorb water and get expanded. But, once your nails will be dry, the water will evaporate completely leaving your polish chipped or cracked.

Amazing Tips to Make Your Nail Polish Last Longer

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11. Keep using a good cuticle oil twice every day to maintain the health of your cuticles and enhance the life of your polish.

12. Apply the top coat at least one every week so that the protective coating of your nails as well as polish remains intact.

13. Try to avoid the use of hand sanitizer. It contains a moderate amount of alcohol, which dries out the nails as well as the polish and speeds up the process of chipping.

14. Keep a sturdy pair of rubber gloves handy. Using it for cleaning, washing or any other similar work that needs your fingers to be involved will protect your nail color from getting dull or chipped.

15. Take care of your nails by fixing all issues related to them immediately. It is always a wise idea to keep a good nail strengthener or ridge filler handy in order to fight against breakage, ridges, peeling, etc. and maintain healthy nails.

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