14 Really Helpful Tips for Preventing Underarm Razor Burn

“Oh these itchy underarms!” – does your mind cry this each time you shave your armpits? Not anymore. We have compiled a list of the most useful tips and techniques that can help you prevent nasty underarm razor burns successfully. Here we go:

Preventing Underarm Razor Burn

1. Shaving underarms every other day can cause severe razor burns to you. Being one of the most delicate parts of our body, it needs to be handled with care and frequent use of razor can harm it to a large extent.

2. If your underarms are already scratchy or inflamed due to some reasons, stop shaving for some time and let them heal first. Otherwise, you may end up worsening the situation.

3. Make sure that your razor is super sharp and rust-free, while planning for an underarm shave. The sharper the razor, the lesser the irritation or inflammation. In general, a razor starts going dull after 2 weeks of continuous usage. So, try to get a new one every 2 to 3 weeks.

4. Your razor must be absolutely clean. Do not forget to rinse it with tepid water after each and every use. Or else, you will become more prone to develop inflammation at your underarms.

5. While using the razor, apply light force to the skin. If you press hard, the tissues at that place will get damaged and you will develop severe razor burn.

Preventing Underarm Razor Burn

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6. Underarms should never be shaved dry. It increases the chances of cuts or developing rashes significantly. Always, wet them with plain or lukewarm water properly before you start.

7. Cleanse your underarms prior to shaving. Make use of a moisturizing cleanser that is mild enough to your skin. A clean skin is considerably less prone to getting irritated.

8. You can also use a gentle moisturizing soap or body wash and a bath sponge or loofah to exfoliate your underarm skin perfectly. It will reduce the chances of getting small nick and cuts during the process.

9. Many women avoid using shaving gel or cream for underarms. But it can actually help you prevent those annoying razor burns by softening the skin and making the razor glide over it smoothly.

10. Once you are done with your shaving, apply a thin layer of an aloe-based moisturizer or body lotion to your underarm skin. It will drive itchiness away and give you a soothing effect. Those who have extra-sensitive skin can also opt for OTC hydrocortisone cream as a preventive measure.

Apply  aloe-based moisturizer to your underarm skin

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11. Shaving underarms right before going to bed is always the best idea. It keeps sweating under control and you do not need to apply any antiperspirant or deodorant immediately that can lead to itchiness.

12. If you shave in the day, try to wait at least half an hour before using any deodorant or antiperspirant so that your delicate armpits do not get rashes or burns.

13. No matter whether your skin is sensitive or not, it is always safe to go for an alcohol and fragrance free antiperspirant to use after shaving the underarms.

14. Wear soft, breathable fabrics like cotton at least up to 2 days after shaving your underarms. It lets air pass through the clothes and reach your skin, while preventing razor burns caused due to friction.

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