12 Foods to Burst Your Skin with Moisture

Who likes to have a dry and peeling skin? Nobody right? But it is not always good to use synthetic moisturizers in our skin as they may contain harsh and damaging chemicals. So, why don’t switch to some natural alternatives that can keep you hydrated internally? Discover 12 magic foods that can burst your skin with moisture in a complete natural way:

Hydrated Skin

1. Orange

Being loaded with water, orange can keep our cells hydrated and regularize their activities easily. On the other hand, its vitamin C content can keep our cells healthy by creating collagen and combating free radicals. Consequently, we get a soft, smooth and moisturized skin.

2. Cucumber

There are very few fruits that are as crunchy and juicy as cucumber. Eating a cucumber actually means having lots of water along with some very important vitamins. Moreover, the fruit contains silica, which makes our skin moist and supple significantly.

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3. Berries

These small round fruits are a true delight for dry and flaky skin. The sap of berries is not only good for hydrating our skin but it is also very effective in enhancing our overall health. So, give your skin a complete beauty boost by taking in berries regularly.


4. Avocado

Unlike other hydrating fruits, avocado consists of lots of potassium, dietary fibers and monosaturated fats which altogether provide support to our skin cells in locking their natural moisture content. As a result, our skin remains soft and elastic for long.

5. Pomegranate

Here is another great hydrator for our skin. Pomegranates introduce moisture to our cells and give us a refreshed look. The polyphenols present in the fruit also help us retain the youthful glow by keeping the age at bay.

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6. Spinach

Spinach is considered to be the best choice among all skin-hydrating veggies. Studies have revealed that those green crusty leaves are packed with folates, phytochemicals and vitamin A, which play significant roles in keeping our skin moisturized.


7. Celery

You might have heard about drinking celery juice to treat dry and patchy skin. Just like cucumber, celery also contains a lot of silica. So, there is no surprise that your skin will get hydrated and remain soft by including celery in your daily diet.

8. Broccoli

If you hate your cracked skin, you will definitely love to eat broccoli. This green vegetable is known for holding high level of alpha lipoic acid (ALA), which plays a key role in keeping our skin hydrated as well as young-looking.

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9. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is another food that can moisturize us from the inside out. Being rich in water, it can provide enough moisture to our skin cells. It also contains manganese, which promotes the overall health of our skin considerably.


10. Flax Seed

Omega-3 fatty acid is widely recognized as a great component to give our skin a moisture boost. As flax seeds are packed with these essential fatty acids, you should always include them in your regular meals in different ways.

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11. Walnut

Just like flax seed, walnut can also enrich our skin by increasing the level of omega-3 fatty acid in it. So, if you are fond of nuts, make sure that you show some love to your skin through this ‘nutty’ affair.

12. Tuna

Staying hydrated is not all about eating fruits, veggies or nuts. Consuming tuna frequently can also amp up the amount of omega-3 fatty acids as well as biotin in your body cells so that you can get rid of dry and scaly skin.

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