11 Ultimate Home Remedies for Mouth and Gum Blisters

Caused by different reasons such as infection, nutritional deficiency, psychological trauma etc., mouth blisters are hardly bigger than pencil dots but it is very difficult to ignore them. They not only cause a burning sensation in affected area but also do not let one easily drink or eat something. You can try some home remedies to get an immediate relief.

Mouth Blisters

1. Maintain hygiene of your mouth – also called canker sores, mouth blisters are more often caused by bacterial infection inside your mouth. The best way to get rid of such infection is to keep mouth clean. You should rinse your mouth at least three to four times a day to stop harmful bacteria from propagation.

Note – Use anti bacterial mouthwash for best results.

2. Coconut milk for immediate relief – Coconut can be found in almost every household. You can use this beneficial fruit to get a relief in mouth blisters too. Many nature care experts suggest gargling with coconut milk to soothe canker sores or gum blisters within hours.

Note – Coconut milk can be extracted from a freshly scrapped fruit.

3. Hot and cold treatment – The temperature inside our mouth provides bacteria and other micro organisms a favorable spot where they tend to grow more. The hot and cold treatment instantly changes the temperature of mouth which kills bacteria and reduces infection.

How to do – this therapy is conducted with help of hot water and cold water. Gargle first with hold water and keep a glass of cold ready with you. After you are done with hot water gargling, follow it immediately with cold water gargling. Repeat this process three to four times in the day to find blister-free gum and mouth the other day.

4. Gorge on Vitamin B12 rich diet – Deficiency of Vitamin B 12 is the most common reason behind growth of mouth sores. Thus, almost every medical expert suggest to include a rich quantity of vitamin B 12 food in daily diet of a person who is more prone to get oral blisters.

5. Tomato is a great cure – Tomato has a wonderful effect on curing mouth blisters. Eating raw tomatoes can help you in getting relief from mouth blisters. You can also gargle with tomato juice. This is another potent cure for canker sores or gum blisters.

6. Sugar with Camphor – Camphor is supposed to have great abilities to catalyze new skin cell formation. Mix camphor with sugar in ratio of 1:7 (one part camphor and 7 part sugar.) Now apply this mix on the affected area. It’ll offer an immediate relief.

7. Aloe Vera remedy – Aloe Vera’s properties are very effective in healing canker sores. Application of aloe vera gel on sores two to three times a day can make you relieved a lot. Also read- Healing properties of Aloe Vera.

8. Coriander leaves water – Abstracts of green coriander is taken as a wonderful home remedy to get rid of painful sores of mouth. You can apply green coriander paste on the sore or gargle four-five times a day with coriander water.

How to make coriander water – take a few coriander leaves and boil it with water. Gargle with this water after it gets cold.

9. Basil leave for sore treatment – Chewing basil leaves after every three hours would not decrease the effect of blisters but also, it will heal those irritating sores sooner than any other medicine.

10. Eat Onions – Though, there are no documented proofs available to give assurance about authenticity of this home remedy but eating raw onions is very effective in getting a relief from burning blisters.

11. Honey and turmeric – Honey and turmeric, both are famous for their amazing medicinal effects. A paste made by mixing these two can help you in treating mouth blisters. Mix ¼ teaspoon of turmeric with a teaspoon of honey. Dab this paste on your blisters with help of a cotton pad. A frequent application of this mix will cut down the pain caused by sores as well as repair the damaged cells.

Note – Do remember, home remedy for mouth blisters are effective in initial state only. If you are suffering from severe problem of canker sores, consult any certified medical practitioner without any delay.

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