10 ways to prevent blackheads

A blackhead is an opening in the skin that has grime, dirt, bacteria and sebum. The very definition of blackhead describes skin that is not taken care of. But not all of us have the time or flexibility to get a regular clean up or facial done to get rid of the most irritating skin trouble, namely blackheads.


However, it is actually very simple to follow a regimen that will keep the blackheads at bay. There are many homemade remedies that will take care of the blackheads until you have the time to visit the salon the next time around. You can take a pick depending on what ingredients you have in hand and what method of blackhead control is convenient for you.

1. Nothing beats steaming

This is the most effective way of getting rid of blackheads. Expose your face to steam for about five minutes so as to open up all the pores. Now use any scrub of your choice and rub away the blackheads. Wash your face and pat dry. Now apply a toner to close the pores.

2. Scrub Away!

Exfoliate your skin at least twice a week. Depending on how gentle or harsh you want your exfoliator to be, choose something like almond meal or powdered oats. Focus on the oiliest areas like the T zone and scrub well.


3. Keep your face clean:

Do not forget to remove makeup before sleeping in the night- this prevents product build up in the pores and allows the skin to breathe during the night. Also, cleanse your skin well one during the day also to remove any grime or oil in the pores. Try using a cleanser with salicylic acid that will work on the sebum in the skin.

4. Multani Mitti:

Multani mitti or fuller’s earth has a cooling effect on the skin and it also helps in absorbing the oil in the skin and closing up open pores. Mix two tsp of fuller’s earth with some rose water and apply the mask on the face. Wash off after it dries up.

5. Fenugreek leaves:

The next time you are cutting up methi leaves for cooking, save some up and make a paste out of them. Apply the paste on the blackheads and scrub well. This will help reduce the blackheads.

6. Cinnamon powder:

Scrubbing with cinnamon powder will help remove the deposit from the pores and also prevent the blackheads from recurring soon. Mix some cinnamon powder with milk or lemon juice and scrub.

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7. Baking soda:

Baking soda has amazing grime removing properties. Since it also dries out the skin excessively, mix half a tsp of baking soda in some honey to make a paste. Scrub the affected area with this paste and leave it for five minutes. Rinse well.

8. Gram Flour or besan:

Scrubbing with gram flour paste is one of the best ways to cleanse the skin. You can go in for a slightly coarse variety of gram flour, make a paste with some water and use it on a daily basis to get skin that is less oily and blackhead free- simply scrub and immediately wash it off.

9. Yoghurt mask:

Mix yoghurt with some exfoliating agent like oatmeal or brown sugar. Scrub well. Yoghurt helps in clearing up the clogged pores and lightens the skin.

10. Honey

Honey is one of the most effective ways to clear up and lighten the skin. Together with lemon, it can work wonders on your skin. Warm up a small cup of honey. Dip half a lemon in it and scrub it all over your face using the lemon. Repeat on alternate days for best results.

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