10 Voluminous Hairstyles for Fine Hair

Worried about how to style up your fine and limp hair? Relax! There are too many hairdos that can give your hair a voluminous look. We have chosen 10 best of them. Check out here:

1. Glamorous Curls

Large thick curls can always give an apparent boost to fine and limp hair. If you have shoulder-length or a little longer tress which you want to make appear fuller, go for a simple layered cut and curl up the ends carefully. Even a deep side part will add freshness to your curls.

Glamorous Curls

2. Sleek Layers

When it comes to making fine hair look voluminous, layers are considered as a great solution. Those having straight long hair should get layers around their faces. This not only adds texture to the locks but also helps in making it fuller and gorgeous.

Sleek Layers

3. Sexy Short Bob

Be it thick or thin hair, a short bob matches all. If you hate to have long limp hair, just take a little length off and achieve this amazing look. The razor-sharp edges and the side-swept bangs add definition to this hairstyle. However, you can go for blunt ends too.

Sexy Short Bob

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4. Textured Shag

So you think your thin hair is not suitable for sporting super stylish shag? Well, you are wrong! Check out this hairstyle and you’ll be impressed, I bet. Keep your hair up to your shoulder and layer it up. Then, shatter out the edges of the layers finely and you are all set to look chic.

Textured Shag

5. Extra Long Bob

If you have fine hair of medium length, this lovely long bob or LOB will be a great choice for you. Create a side part or a zigzag part and give the bottom edges of the hair a slight blunt shape. For a more dramatic effect, let some side bangs lie on your forehead.

Extra Long Bob

6. Cute Pixie

Looking for a cute hairstyle that does not focus on your thin and limp hair? Go for this modish pixie. Wispy layers and eye-catching shade can make this hairstyle highly adorable. You can always choose to modify this shaggy cut as per your desire.

Cute Pixie

7. Asymmetrical Waves

Waves look awesome in fine hair. Having a medium-length hair with slight waves can change your whole appearance completely. You can even take your hairstyle to a new level by adding asymmetry to it. Check out the following image for a better idea.

Asymmetrical Waves

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8. Long Straight Locks

Long straight style does not always look bad on women with thin hair. If you dare to sport such a hairdo, just go for it. You can jazz it up with sexy side bangs and fiery hair color. However, make sure that you can carry it off properly.

Long Straight Locks

9. Sweet Bowl Cut

A boyish look can turn out to be extremely sweet for women with fine hair. Yes, I’m talking about a bowl cut that can really give you a pleasant makeover. So, switch to this hairstyle if you are worried about your limp locks.

Sweet Bowl Cut

10. Fashionable Curls

Curl up all your fine hair in a fashionable way and make it look like ultra-thick. It will not only beautify your hair but also help you look voguish.

Fashionable Curls

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