10 tips to remember while buying designer handbags

So you finally decided to shell down your monies on that designer bag you have been eyeing for so long! A big brand name, luxurious leather, world class craftsmanship and all the praises it will draw come at a big price. So be wary when you pick up your designer handbag since there are stores teeming with fakes.

1. First things first, familiarize yourself with the brands and their styles. Go through various styles offered by famous brands like Louis Vuitton, Versace, Chanel, Gucci etc on the internet and try to zero in on the kind of bag that you want. Most brands have their signature designs. If possible, shortlist a few bags on the internet itself so that you do not have much difficultly choosing when you go to the store.

designer handbags

2. A designer bag is an investment. So if it is your first purchase, stick to basic colours, nothing over the top. Pick something that will gel well with multiple outfits and something that is functional yet stylish. You don’t want to be stuck with a bag that won’t fit in your phone and wallet and your makeup.

3. It is not really advisable to buy a very expensive designer bag from the internet since you cannot really touch and feel it and check it. Despite that if you want to, make sure you read up all the text about the product on the website. Check customer reviews. Ensure that the website has a reliable return policy.

designer handbags

4. If you a going to a multi brand store that stocks bags for purchase, then ask to be shown bags from the particular brand that you want to buy. Check the material of the bag that is shown to you. Designer bags are made of genuine leather that reflects the amount that is charged for them. The bag will be sturdy and the finishing will be impeccable.

designer handbags

5. Look for the brand logo. It should also be sturdy and should spell out correctly. Most knock-offs change the spelling of the logo or make slight modifications to the design.

6. Look for the stitches in the bag. The stitches should be strong and even. Also, inner stitches should not be visible on the surface of the bag.

7. Designer handbags are so pricey because they are exclusive. Most stores will keep selective pieces and can import any piece on request. If you see the store with truckloads of designer bags, simply exit out without a purchase.

8. When you have selected the bag for purchase, ensure that it comes with a dust cover. If it does not, then it most certainly is not a designer bag.

9. Ensure that the store is giving you a certificate along with the bag that it is authentic and also spells out the terms for warranty and service. Most designer bags are serviceable for life for the kind of money they charge.

10. Look for bag serial numbers that are normally stamped on the tag that is stitched inside the bag.

When you are shelling down a fortune on a bag, remember these tips and then go ahead to make the purchase. Once you have bought the bag, go ahead and flaunt it in style!

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