10 Things to do to Increase your Height After 18

How tall we grow depends a lot on our genes. But there are instances when you see really tall parents with not so tall grown children. This is because of a variety of extrinsic factors that affect the height that one attains. If you are past 18 years of age and want to increase your height, then you need to keep the extrinsic factors conducive for increase in height in order to ease the process of growth. So today we tell you 10 things you should do to increase your height after 18. 

10 Things to do to Increase your Height after 18

1. Eat a balanced diet

Eat a balanced diet

The most important thing to grow is nutrition. So ensure that you are getting a balanced meal with all the essential vitamins and minerals that your body needs. Make sure to get lots of calcium since it is needed for bone development. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, try to include extra proteins in the form of soy or sprouts since they are essential for body growth.

2. Exercise well 

Exercise is what helps you build your body and grow. Find a horizontal bar which will support your weight and from which you can hang. This exercise stretches your spine and cartilage and helps you grow in height. Swimming is another excellent option that will promote height increase.

3. Take to Yoga

suryanamaskar sadhana yoga

There are many exercises in Yoga that help in increasing your height since it has a number of poses that involve stretching and balancing. Try vrikshasana or tree pose, bhujangaasana or cobra pose and triangle pose or trikonasana. Surya Namaskara is another wonderful exercise that will improve the suppleness of the body and improve height. You can read more about the height increasing yogasanas here. 

4. Get enough sleep

You must be wondering as to how sleeping and growing tall are connected! They have a strong connection since the Human Growth Hormone or HGH is most active when the body is sleeping and is in a state of rest. It is this hormone that causes an increase in your height. So make sure you get adequate sleep every night.

5. Avoid smoking and drinking 

Smoking and Drinking spoil your health on one hand and on the other also suppress your growth. They are natural growth inhibitors and if you smoke and drink, then you can kiss your growing tall dreams goodbye. So not just to gain height, but also to get better health, stop smoking and drinking now.

6. Drink lots of water

Again, growing tall and water are related? Yes! Drinking enough water through the day helps you remain hydrated. It also speeds up your metabolism and helps your system absorb the nutrients better. So go grab that bottle of water and drink it up if you want to grow taller.

7. Develop a proper posture

The spine accounts for about 35% of our body height. Bad posture causes the spine to bend and droop and suppresses your normal height.  If you want to stand tall, then improve your posture and always sit straight.

8. Get some sunshine

Vitamin D is an essential vitamin that contributes to increase in height. With so much time spent indoors, be it at home, college or workplace, many of us do not get adequate sunshine through the day. So go and get some sunshine to get your daily dose of vitamin D that will help you grow taller. 

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9. Consider Supplements 

multivitamin pills

If you are not getting a balanced meal or sunshine, then you could consider taking vitamin supplements to help you increase your height after 18. GABA or Gamma-Aminobutyric Acid is an amino acid whose supplements you can consider since this amino acid helps in the synthesis of growth hormone in the body. Aside from this, you can also pop calcium supplements that help in bone development.

10. Watch your weight 

Weight Loss

Excess weight can impede you from reaching your potential height. So if you are all set on growing taller, then the first thing to do is to lose excess weight from the body. Good exercise, balanced food, lots of water and adequate rest can help you lose weight.

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