12 Superfoods that Make Your Teeth Healthy

Our body is composed of several minerals. One such mineral that is found in abundance is Calcium, which to an extent of almost 90% helps as a structural support for our body’s bones and teeth. In order to maintain the consistency of strength offered via such calcium, any adult is required to consume a calcium intake of minimum 1000 mg each day.

Food for Healthy Teeth

Retaining the health of our teeth is a lifelong task which needs a consistent combination of timely and regular brushing along with a good tooth oriented or calcium diet. The types of food that are essential for one’s teeth health should be effective when it comes to neutralising the acids, and further offers vitamins and minerals that repair and heal the enamel of tooth as well as enhance the stimulation of saliva. If one intends to impress others with a bright and wide smile that showcases a pearly white range of teeth they need to give some thought to the food that they offer their system.

Food for Healthy Teeth

1. Dairy products- These types of foods are essential in washing away the acids from one’s mouth and helps in generating saliva levels as well as healing the teeth’s enamel structure.

a)      Cheese – This is a good source of calcium and phosphates that are essential for retaining the health of one’s teeth. Chewing a small quantity of cheese daily helps in avoiding any cavities or tooth decay.

b)      Milk – This is a readily available food source in every kitchen and is rich in calcium as well as phosphates further combined with Vitamin D. All such ingredients are very effective in retaining the health and strength of our teeth.

c)       Yogurt – Offer your appetite to relish on this multi-purpose food type which is full of calcium and proteins that are needed to make your teeth last forever.

2. Soy Milk –Individuals whose body is intolerant or allergic towards milk, may use soy milk as an alternative for replenishing their body’s calcium stores.

3. Practise of chewing gums that are sugarless – Boost the health of your teeth with the help of sugarless gums. It enhances the process of saliva formation in one’s mouth and further cleanses the teeth of any acid layers. Thus keep chewing and offering a healthy lifestyle for your teeth.

4. The natural drink ‘Water’ – Did you know water is rich in fluoride contents an essential ingredient that avoids one’s teeth from eroding. It cleanses your teeth of any leftover food particles and also avoids any tooth decaying by keeping one’s gums hydrated.

5. Stop resisting over that rich slab of dark chocolate – This favourite of yours is actually rich in cocoa that is a great preventer of eroding or decaying and inflammation of gums. Further enhances and offers blood circulation to your gums.

6. Fruits – This is another calcium rich source for regulating one’s diet for teeth improvement. Certain fruits ensure the good health for your dental set by fighting bacteria, cleansing your mouth, promoting the saliva building process.

7. Orange – A fine specimen, rich in vitamins, nutrients and calcium. Eat an orange and boost your calcium stores as well as combat the acids in your mouth formed due to bacteria’s, and thus safeguard your teeth from any decay and damage. It is advised to consume other such citrus rich fruits in order to meet the requirements of your teeth.

8. Apple – This is a great source of several minerals, vitamins that combats the cavity formation in one’s mouth. Eating an apple helps in cleansing several internal facets of one’s teeth. Similarly consumption of other fruits like pears etc. that are crunchy boosts the saliva formation and combat tooth stains.

9. Strawberry– Strawberry is the one the great sources of vitamin C. Therefore eating strawberry regularly keeps your teeth stronger.

10. Lean protein– You must put eggs & meats in your regular diet. These foods are rich in phosphorous that balance the ph levels in mouth and combat with the cavity causing bacteria. Therefore you must consume foods full of lean protein in order to keep your teeth fit and strong.

11. Green tea- A cup of Green tea can be lucrative to keep your teeth fit. Green tea is full of anti-oxidants called catchins that combat with the bacteria and covert sugar into plaque. Therefore all you have to do is to have a cup of green tea in order to keep your teeth problem free.

12. Celery and carrots- Consuming celery and carrots can help to get strong teeth. You need to chew these foods with an extra effort that produces more salvia. The salvia neutralizes the acid formed by the bacteria. Therefore your teeth will remain strong if you regularly have some celery and carrots.

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