10 Super Easy Tricks to Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping

Tired and irritated of chipped nail polish? Not anymore. We have got you some super easy yet highly effective tricks that would help you stay away from messing up with your hour-long manicure efforts. Read on to know more:

Prevent Nail Polish From Chipping

1. Get Nails Cleaned

The first and foremost thing to do for prevent chipping is to start with fresh clean nails. No matter whether you already have paint on or not, you must swipe the nails one by one with a good acetone-free remover in order to get rid of natural oils, dirt, sweat, and traces of beauty products.

2. Prep Your Nails

Spend some time to prepare your nails so that the polish bonds well with them. Use a clipper to clip your nails as required. File them in a particular direction for getting your desired shape. Finally, buff their surfaces as well as edges with a block buffer to make them smoother.

3. Use Rubbing Alcohol

Cleanse your nail surfaces once again by using rubbing alcohol. You can either spray it directly onto the nails or wipe the nails away with a cotton swab dipped into it. This will make the nail beds completely moisture-free, thereby decreasing the chances of chipping to a large extent.

Use Rubbing Alcohol

4. Roll Instead of Shake

Sometimes, the polish gets settled inside the bottle and we shake it up for mixing. But, shaking generates air bubbles, which gets transferred to the nails during application and leads to early chipping. Just spin the bottle between your palms and get the mixing balls rolled. You are done!

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5. Apply Base Coat

Application of a base coat is of utmost importance as it helps the polish cover the surfaces of the nails entirely. But try to avoid those which serve the purposes of both base coat and top coat. Rather, choose a product that is exclusively a base coat and is sticky by nature so that your polish adheres to your nails perfectly.

6. Go for Thinner Coats

Thick coats of polish do not stick to the nails and hence, tend to get smudged, chipped or peeled very easily. It is always recommended that you apply it in thin coats (2 to 3 are enough) so that the application becomes smooth, brews fewer bubbles on the nails and takes minimal time for drying up.

7. Focus on the Tips

Keeping the tip or edges of the nails uncovered might result into chipping of rest of the polish. So, make sure that you focus on the edges and seal the polish applied to your nails by moving the brush over the tips in a rounded manner.

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8. Apply a Top Coat

Just like the base coat, this is also vital for preventing the chipping of nail polish. Pick a clear top coat and apply it to the polished nails including their edges. Moreover, keep applying the top coat every other day so that it keeps the nails protected from all sorts of scratching and chipping.

Apply a Top Coat

9. Let the Nails Dry

Try to be patient and let your polished nails dry properly. Apparently, nails appear to dry in 15 to 20 minutes and you must wait to touch anything or do any work with your hands during this time period. However, it might take 45 to 60 minutes for a polish to dry as well as adhere to the nails completely. Therefore, giving yourself that much time will be really great to keep the polish from chipping.

10. Avoid Touching Water

Try to lessen the exposure of your nails to water at least for some days after polishing your nails. Water might make the bonds between the nails and the polish weaker and increase the chances of chipping.

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