10 Most Salient Feathered Hairstyles for You

Do you always feel thrilled to experiment with your hair? Love to try retro hairdos very much? If yes then the popular ‘feathered hairstyle’ of ‘70s will surely excite you. Check out 10 best choices that you should opt for getting feather-like hair:

1. ‘Feathery’ Tale

When it comes to sporting a feathered hairdo, nothing can be more beautiful and elegant than this one. It is absolutely perfect for all face shapes. The soft fluffy texture and the platinum blonde have jazzed up the look many times.

'Feathery' Tale

2. Stylish Layers

Have a look at the following picture and you will realize why the layer cut is considered as a versatile hairstyle. These razor-sharp layers with slightly bent ends can truly give your hair a feather-like appearance. For the maximum result, opt for the straight front bangs.

Stylish Layers

3. Downy Bob

Searching a cute hairstyle with a feathery effect? Give this short bob a try and you’ll certainly fall in love with it in no time. The sweeps lying over the forehead, the smooth downy texture and the rich blonde color – what more can we expect?

Downy Bob

4. Soft Waves

If you think that feathers can’t be created on long hair, this picture will prove you wrong. The long sleek chocolate colored hair with feather-soft look and finish is enough to amaze you right away. A deep side parting is required for an added glam.

Soft Waves

5. Dramatic Asymmetry

What about wearing a magical amalgamation of eye-catching asymmetry and colorful feathers on your hair? This hairstyle will offer you exactly what you are looking for. For a dramatic addition, let the side bangs cover your one eye completely.

Dramatic Asymmetry

6. Subtle Quill

Here is another amazing example of feathered hairstyle that you can try. Those curved side-swept as well as elongated bangs are just perfect for long, oval or inverted triangular face shapes. Also, take a look at the subtle hue. Nice, isn’t it?

Subtle Quill

7. Smart and Sexy

If you want to look super smart and boost your femininity at the same time, this chic hairstyle with prominent feathers will be the right choice for you. One simply can’t help but love those spiky angles and sexy bangs, right?

Smart and Sexy

8. Sweet Blonde

Trying to find out proper style for your blonde hair? Go feathered and your friends will surely start envying you. This particular hairstyle is mainly suitable for women with round faces. It is also recommended that you create a zigzag part for getting this awesome look.

Sweet Blonde

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9. Classy Curls

Be it a casual party or a formal event, this sophisticated hairstyle will go with each and everything. The best thing about the feathered curls is that women of any age can sport this gracefully. Decide on the color of your hair depending upon your personality.

Classy Curls

10. Funky Feathers

Finally, here is the most gorgeous feathered hairstyle that can help you stand out from others any time. The mesmerizing combination of black and purple has made the blonde hair even more attractive. So, are you ready to take the plunge?

Funky Feathers

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