10 Reasons Why You Should Use Vodka for Skin and Hair

If you were a Russian, you would have already been praising vodka for its amazing benefits for skin and hair! Vodka was first used by Kremlin Monks in 1503 and was used as an antiseptic and various other cures. Now even though it is majorly used for merry-making purposes, the benefits of vodka still remain the same.

Read on to find out about the benefits you can reap from including vodka in your daily skincare and hair care routine. You might just be amazed!

Vodka for Skin and Hair

1. As an astringent: Vodka is probably one of the best astringents you can use. It does a great job at closing your pores to inhibit any sort of infections. It also clears any leftover residue from your cleanser. Mix vodka and water in equal parts and keep in a bottle. Wash your face with your regular face wash, and then apply the mixture with the help of a cotton ball. It will close and tighten your pores.

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2. Make your hair frizz free: Hair tends to get frizzy and unruly when you have split ends or over-using of hair straighteners or exposure to harsh climate. To combat these mix a shot of vodka to your regular deep conditioner. Apply and rinse as normal. Vodka helps in sealing hair cuticles as it lowers the overall pH, and sealed cuticles invariably equal fewer frizzes. Enjoy your new smooth and shiny hair!

frizzy hair

3. For shiny hair: We all apply countless products in our hair. These products leave behind their residue. If these residues are left in, hair tends to look dull and lifeless. To save it from product buildup, mix one tablespoon of vodka in a mug of normal water. After you shampoo and condition your hair normally, use this as a final rinse. It removes and gets rid of any excess buildup in the strands and scalp, leaving you with uber shiny hair.

4. Treat dandruff: Many of us suffer from flaky skin on our scalps or dandruff, and it’s embarrassing and uncomfortable. But no more! Banish dandruff for good, using vodka! To a cup of vodka, add in three teaspoons of dried rosemary, and leave this mixture overnight, so that the rosemary can infuse into the vodka. In the morning, massage the mixture into your scalp and then wash off using cold water.


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5. Prevent Hair loss: Vodka, as mentioned before, gets rid of product buildup, fights dandruff, and helps in eliminating toxins from hair. All these automatically equal healthier, better tresses. To take it a step further and prevent hair loss, mix organic honey, vodka and onion juice, apply on hair and leave overnight. Wash it off in the morning using your regular shampoo and follow with conditioner. Vodka clarifies your scalp, honey nourishes it, and onion juice strengthens your roots, making your hair stronger and less susceptible to fallout.

6. Get rid of foot odor: Foot odor is really embarrassing. And because of this, we often feel shy to open up our shoes or stilettos. But now, its time to say good bye to that bad foot odor. Just take a bit of vodka and rub it on your feet. As vodka is an amazing astringent, it closes the pores and your feet invariably sweat less, and you have less chances of odor forming bacterial infection. Say no to odor and yes to happy feet!

7. For a better shave: Vodka obviously has a high alcohol content, and alcohol is anti septic. So between shaves, dip your razor in some vodka to clean it and rid it of any bacteria. And a clean razor will surely help you achieve a better and smoother shave.

8. On a Cold sore: Cold sores can be painful. Get rid of them fast by applying a dab of vodka directly on them. The vodka dries them out and helps to heal them faster.

9. To combat poison ivy: Vodka has the ability to remove urushiol oil, the element that causes severe itching in a poison ivy rash. So if you get a rash, apply a bit of vodka, and you will be amazed to see the instant results.

10. Banish Bad Breath: Bad breath is horrible and really takes a blow at your confidence. Swirl some vodka around in your mouth and you will be left with a clean mouth and zero bad breath.

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