10 Most Popular Parenting Magazines Available in India

We all love to cherish every single moment of our parenthood. But bringing up those little ones might not be a simple and easy task always. However, various parenting magazines available in the country can be of your great help in providing such helpful tips. Here are 10 most popular parenting magazines available in India:

Parenting Magazines

1. Child

Conceptualized and published by the Media Transasia India, ‘Child’ is a monthly magazine launched in April, 2008 and has been known as one of the best parenting magazines in the whole world. It talks about children of all ages (starting from the pre-birth phase up to 12 years) and offers world-class parenting resources to the new generation Indian parents (both first-time and second-time).

2. Parents India

The Maxposure Media Group | G+ J India launched this amazing parenting magazine on the Independence Day of the, in the year 2012. From providing important information regarding raising children to running a community section for interacting with parents, this magazine offers a lot to the versatile new-age mothers.

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3. Junior

This monthly parenting magazine, marketed in India by the Media Star, is also one of the best of its kinds in the world. It is a comprehensive guide to bring up your children the most efficient way up to the first 8 years of their lives. From children fashion to strengthening the parent-junior relationship, it will teach you each and everything.

4. Parent & Child

The pre-school specialist EuroKids International Pvt. Ltd. comes up with its parenting magazine ‘Parent & Child’ in a bi-monthly manner. Whether you are an aspiring parent or already have kids, this informative as well as educative publication will help you explore several major to minor aspects of parenting and that too in a friendly way.

5. Mother & Baby

This is another widely popular parenting magazine with 56 years of glorious past. It is a bi-monthly publication by Next Gen Publishing Ltd. that targets both new moms and moms-to-be. Be it pregnancy-related information or assistance needed for the upbringing of children, you will get to know and learn everything from it.

6. Parent Circle

‘Parent Circle’ is an Indian parenting magazine, published monthly by Chennai-based Shri Harini Media Pvt. Ltd. It comes in both print as well as web forms. Parents can get expert tips, share their knowledge and experiences, and interact with others through community forums.

Parenting Magazines

7. Parent Edge

This all-inclusive parenting magazine is a bi-monthly venture by Karnataka-based Prayag Consulting. Parents of school-goers aged between 3 years and 18 years can subscribe it to give a boost to the education as well as intellectual enrichment of their children.

8. Responsible Parenting

Since last few years, Silverzone Enterprises has been trying to help parents in providing positive learning to their kids through its monthly publication ‘Responsible Parenting’. Let your little ones develop multi-tasking skills and enjoy watching how they turn into perfect global citizens gradually.

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9. India Parent

Indian parents can subscribe this monthly magazine to get all important information and develop necessary knowledge regarding raising their kids efficiently. You will also get enough resources to manage your family and work life simultaneously.

10. Parenting

Last but not the least, this 21-year old magazine has also been highly appreciated by parents in India. It was launched by First City Publications Pvt. Ltd. and is known to be a monthly magazine that focuses on pregnancy related issues, upbringing of kids, and so on.

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