10 Places We Usually Miss While Applying Sunscreen

You are quite aware of the harmful effects of the ultraviolet (UV) rays of the sun and hence, never go out without using a sunscreen having a good Sun Protection Factor (SPF). Great! But are you applying the sunscreen thoroughly all over your body or there are some places that you do not consider important for this purpose? Yes, there are certain vital spots that we often miss out while using a sunscreen. Read on below to know more:

Applying Sunscreen

1. Jawline and Edges

Most of us miss out the outer reaches of our face including the jawline while applying sunscreen on the frontal part. But the edges of your face are also quite vulnerable to sun damage and hence, you should go for a thorough application of sunscreen.

2. Eyelids

Eyelids are one of the most delicate areas of our face and you should not forget to apply sunscreen on them before going out. In order to avoid any type of chemical reaction, opt for the stick-type sunscreens having a waxy texture.

3. Lips

You may believe that your lips do not need any sort of sun protection. But the truth is that using sunscreen on them can actually help you stay away from significant sunburns. Like eyelids, you can also choose a stick sunscreen to apply on your lips.

4. Hairline

When it comes to protecting the perimeter of your face from the harmful rays of the sun, very few of us remember the hairline. However, you need to make it a point to apply a swipe of sunscreen along the line of your hair to avoid damage.

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5. Scalp

Well, none of us seriously consider our scalp to be a place to apply sunscreen. But using a non-greasy spray version of SPF on your part is always a good practice as it can protect you from skin cancer. The same is also true for people with fine hair or hair issues like alopecia.

Applying Sunscreen

6. Top of Ears

The upper sections of your ears also need proper attention to cut down the chance of developing skin cancer. So, make sure that you apply sunscreen in these spots and get rid of sunburns as well as blistery ears.

7. Neck and Upper Back

Both our upper back and rear part of the neck remain neglected, when it comes to applying sunscreen for sun protection. It may make you more prone to UV damage. Hence, use sunscreen in these portions whenever stepping out.

8. Under Arms

It is of utmost importance that you generously apply sunscreen on your exposed under-arm areas. Most of the time, we forget our armpits as well as the surrounding parts of the skin, which eventually results into redness and burning sensation.

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9. Back of Knees

The backside of our knees is another spot that we commonly miss out while applying a sunscreen. It can cause melanoma and sometimes even pose more risks to us. So, providing sun protection to these areas is a must.

10. Top of Feet

The top sections of your feet also remain exposed several times. Missing out these spots can give you serious redness and inflammation. So, make it a habit to slather enough sunscreen on the top of your feet prior to wearing your shoes.

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