10 Organic Foods to Eat During Pregnancy

Organic foods have found their way in millions of homes. Individuals are voluntarily making their organic choices in almost every food type. So, what exactly is organic and why has it become so important in the recent days?

Organic Foods during Pregnancy

Organic foods are the ones that are kept far away from the toxic exposure of chemicals and pesticides. Thus people are choosing organic foods over normal foods that may be very well exposed to the pesticides. The similar trend has boomed with pregnant women willing to consume such food in order to ensure their babies health. Though one may find it difficult to include every type of organic foods in their diet it is advised a pregnant woman should offer herself at least a few and prominently used foods in organic form to make her baby strong and healthy.

1. A glass of milk – Milk is the common food type found in almost every kitchen. Women can thus start their organic diet by picking the organic milk form. Such milk is produced by feeding the cows with organic pastures instead of artificial hormones, pesticides, antibiotics etc. Such milk offers a pregnant woman with ample beta carotene, omega 3s which is beneficial for her and her baby. Similarly other food items that belong from the dairy resource can be opted from the organic food line.

2. Potatoes – Vegetables are the most basic food type that is generally consumed by us. And amongst the wide variety of vegetables potatoes are considered to be the most favourite. Potatoes are also a vital resource of vitamin C, several other nutrients and potassium. One knowingly or unknowingly consumes several recipes that include potatoes. Thus it is advised to select organic potatoes over the choice of potatoes grown with the aid of several pesticides.

3. Whole grains – Almost every pregnant woman suffer from morning sickness and holding on to the food consumed may be at times difficult. In such cases every ounce of food intake counts for retaining the health of the pregnant woman along with her baby. Organic whole grains are rich in nutrients as well as offer ample store of folic acid. Folic acid aids in the process of the foetus development avoiding any birth defects.

4. Red bright juicy apples – Every pregnant woman is generally suggested to consume as many fruits as possible as they have several benefits to offer. Recent studies have revealed that apples grown with conventional farming techniques are highly contaminated owing to the pesticides. Thus choosing organic apples will avoid one from the threat of pesticides, and these apples are considered to be rich in nutrient content and they taste better.

5. Green leafy spinach – Pregnant women may choose organic spinach as they are a rich source of iron, vitamin A and C, calcium etc., a sure key for a healthy pregnancy. Apart from been healthy, spinach makes its way in several favourites dishes be it pasta or soups. One may as well make use of other iron rich organic veggies like tomatoes, beans, etc.

6. Yogurt- You must put some yogurt in your regular diet in order to live a healthy life. Yogurt contains probiotics that are considered as the healthy bacteria. These healthy bacteria burn up the disease causing germs and help you to live a disease free life.

7. Oats and Barley- Oats and Barley are rich in beta glucan, a fiber equipped with antimicrobial and antioxidant potentialities. Therefore these grains increase your immune power and your make your wound healing process faster.

8. Garlic- Add some garlic in your food or drink in order to combat with the diseases. Garlic decreases the chances of catching a cold. It also protects you from breast cancer. Therefore try to have some garlic in regular basis.

9. Tea – Try to drink several cups of tea in order to lead a healthy life. Green or black tea strengthens your immunity system.

10. Spicy foods- Chicken soup, mushrooms are the foods that can increase your immune power. You must consume shellfish like oysters, lobsters, crabs in order to prevent your body from the flu viruses.

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