10 Natural Curly Hairstyles For Black Hair

African American women have this amazing texture and body to their hair that makes others envious of their voluminous locks. If you are the proud owner of such hair but curse your hair for being unmanageable and needing a lot of styling, we tell you otherwise. Afro-american hair does not need a lot of heat and change in hair texture to be styled well. There are many natural ways to style black hair. We tell you here 10 natural curly hairstyles for black hair.

1. Medium Parted curls 

Medium Parted curls

Part your hair at the center. Use a little bit of styling creme and comb down the hair on the crown and secure it with a couple of pins at a small distance from the partition. It gives an effect of two ponytails originating at the temples. Pair the look with chandelier earrings for an evening out.

2.  Short Side swept curls

Short Side swept curls

If you have short hair with small curls, then consider this hairstyle. Sweep all of your hair to one side and secure it at the back with a few pins or a large clip. Let the gathered curls fall on the other side of the face. This hairdo works great for a casual day out.

3. Textured Bun

Textured Bun

This is a fab hairdo for an evening out. Take multiple sections of your hair at the crown and gently twist them to give the hair a raised look at the sections. Secure each section with a pin at the back of the head. Gather all the crown sections at the back and tie it into a bun.

4. Long half up half down hair

 Long half up half down hair

Try this hairdo if you have medium or long hair. Comb your hair on the crown backwards and secure it with a clip at the back. Let the rest of your hair loose for a casual half up- half down look.

5. Short High Cropped Hair

Short High Cropped Hair

What’s the easiest way to wear and maintain your hair? Wear it short! Take inspiration from the picture above and crop your hair short, with volume only above your crown. Get your eyebrows shaped in a high arch. The arch and the volume on the hair will give an appearance of height.

6. Gathered updo

Gathered updo

Comb your hair up into a high ponytail and secure it with a rubber band. Now divide the ponytail into multiple sections and twist each section and secure it at the ends. Gather all the twisted braids and twist them into a bun. Secure the bun with some bobby pins. You have a nice textured updo ready!

7. Braided Crown

Braided Crown

Take a section of your hair from a little above your right temple and braid it. Now place the braid diagonally across, so that it grazes your hairline and ends near your left ear. Pull back the rest of your hair and braid it into a big braid. Twist the braid in a big circle and pin it into the hair to create a halo like bun.

8. Natural Cornrow Puff

Natural Cornrow Puff

After washing and conditioning your hair, use some Hair shea butter to make your hair more manageable. Now divide your hair into two sections and cornrow your hair in your favorite pattern. Stop at the length after which you want the puff. Repeat for all the sections. Secure each end with a rubberband. Gather all the braids in a big rubber band and you have your puff.

9. Coiled Hair

Coiled Hair

To damp hair, add some styling gel and roll it all round a twist rod. Bend the rod at the end to hold the hair in place. Leave them overnight and in the morning, you will have gorgeous coils like these, lasting a week.

10. Short closely cropped hair

Short closely cropped hair

This is the lowest maintenance hairstyle that you could possibly have. Get your hair cropped close to the head and simply shampoo and condition it and say goodbye to trying to struggling with styles. Accessorize your hair for a change in look.

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