10 Most Stylish Cabin Crew Uniforms

They dress to impress! Though, they are not professionals of show business but their charm and glamour can give a rush to top models too. Cabin crews are life and soul of aviation industry and their uniforms are hot discussion topic. Taking this discussion further, BeautyGlimpse has listed 10 most stylish cabin crew uniforms in this post. Know about the most dazzling crew members of the world.

  1. Qatar Airways – The first place goes to Qatar Airways. The aviation company from Mediterranean zone keeps it simple but makes it smart. Decked up in all maroon uniform, cabin crew members of this airline speak volume of dignity and smartness.Qatar Airways
  2. Air France – An ensemble from famous fashion designer Christian Lacroix, the uniform of Air France is attractive in shades of black which sports off-white stripe on both cuffs. Considerable, the uniform of Air France is marked as one of the foremost integrations of designer garbs in aviation industry.Air France
  3. British Airways – British Airways has always been the favorite of designers. The aviation company is not only known for its grand presence but also chic uniforms of its cabin crews who are always ready to enthrall you with their glamorous presence and sweet gestures.British Airways
  4. Iberia Airlines – A retro look in classy back! The uniform of Iberia airlines has got a makeover. It was never as beautiful as it is now. The colorless jacket makes this uniform stand out. And, cordial behavior of cabin crews perfect match the tone of the uniform.Iberia Airlines
  5. Alitalia  – The color of green could not look prettier than this. Whenever you think of Alitalia Airlines, the uniform makes the first presence. Its flight attendants look great in green jacket complemented by navy blue bottoms. The company has been a work-place for some of the biggest name of fashion industry such as Giorgio Armani and Alberto Fabiani.Alitalia
  6. Singapore Airlines – Presenting an iconic Singaporean Girl in form of its on-board stewardess, the airlines gives the traditional kimono a chic and sexy makeover. Presenting Asian value and hospitality, flight attendants of this airline can claim a high place in fashion industry. No wonder, the iconic figure of Singapore Airlines Cabin crew is immortalized in Madame Tussauds Wax Museum in form of ‘The Singaporean Girl.’Singapore Airlines
  7. Delta Airline– It is sexy, bright and smart. Delta has introduced a new line of uniform to its flight stewards. Delta women look simply ‘wow’ in their red dress while men on the flight looks dashing in white shirt complemented with black waistcoat and black bottom.Delta Airline
  8. Aeroflot – The national carrier of Russia has kept it red. Once upon a time, this was the color of the nation too. Thus, the uniform brings in the most eccentric flavor of the country. Here, style meets beauty.Aeroflot
  9. Jet Airways – Only India borne airlines to make place in the list of best dressed cabin crews, jet airways has added the brightest tone in the uniform. The sunny jacket of Jet Airways’ uniform offers glimpse of warm Indian hospitality while the subtle navy blue talks about their affable approach to passengers.Jet Airways
  10. Lufthansa – This German Airlines makes its cabin crews look great in an attractive combination of blue suit and sunny scarves. And the steward hat adds on to the look. They look professional in their blue suit white the bright scarf briefs about their on-board cheeriness.Lufthansa

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Anu Shakti Singh is a writer by nature and profession who shows equal perfection in carrying off a mother’s responsibility as well as a fashionista’s garb.

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