10 Most Luxurious and Classy Sunglasses

Do you love to wear shades? Then you might have a detailed knowledge of the current sunglass trends as well as the latest products that have been launched in the market. But do you know about those spectacularly expensive pairs of shades that are considered as the most luxurious and classy ones available in the world? Just take a peek into the following list and imagine what you would do if you had a super fat bank account:

1. 24-Karat Gold and Platinum Porsche P’8499

24-Karat Gold and Platinum Porsche P’8499

This wonderful pair of sunglasses features two most valuable metals – platinum and gold. But the most unique fact about the Porsche P’8499 is that not only its frame has a bling effect but its lenses also come with 24-carat gold mirrored polycarbonate finish.

  • Product: Porsche Design
  • Price: $6,670

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2. Ultra Goliath 2 Diamond Edition Sunglasses

24-Karat Gold and Platinum Porsche P’8499

‘Goliath’, the pricey pair of shades having a gold frame with diamonds set onto it, should be the second inclusion in this list. A total of 2000 diamonds of ‘brilliant’ cut, round shape and best quality were used for making these 65-gram sunglasses.

  • Product: Internally Flawless & Co.
  • Price: $25,000

3. Cartier Paris Sunglasses

Cartier Paris Sunglasses

If you love to sport retro looks, this round black frame decorated with 18-karat gold would be a true delight for you. There are 188 diamonds (total weight is 7.5 carats) set in ‘collet’ settings on top of the frame, which intensify the magnificence of the shades greatly.

  • Product: Cartier
  • Price: $25,000

4. Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses

Lugano Diamonds Sunglasses

Colored diamonds are the specialty of this super-expensive pair of sunglasses. The way the black, brown and yellow diamonds are used in adorning the frame is truly awe-inspiring.

  • Product: Lugano Diamonds
  • Price: $27,000

5. Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses

Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses

There are only 10 products launched in the Parentesi Diamond Sunglasses range and each of them is enough to give you a feel of royalty. They feature 206 diamonds weighing 2.5 carats and you simply can’t help but fell in love with the adorable gift box provided by Bvlgari.

  • Product: Bvlgari
  • Price: $31,000

6. Bentley Limited Edition Sunglasses in Platinum

Bentley Limited Edition Sunglasses in Platinum

It is basically an accolade to the ‘Bentley Mulsanne’, the flagship model of the Bentley Motors and Estede. But if you want to experience the high-end luxury by wearing shades, these platinum sunglasses would certainly be a stylish pick.

  • Product: Bentley Motors and Estede
  • Price: $45,276

7. Luxuriator Due – Style 23 Sunglasses

Luxuriator Due – Style 23 Sunglasses

Just like Cartier Paris, Luxuriator Due also has a striking 18-karat gold crafted frame. But the sparkling diamonds and the exclusive design make it different from the previous one. The frame in this product is embellished with 132 pave set diamonds, while the edge of one lens is beautified with a 2-carat canary diamond. The ivory buffalo horn on top of the frame also gives it an elegant look.

  • Product: Luxuriator Collection
  • Price: $65,000

8. 18-Karat Gold Sport Sunglasses

18-Karat Gold Sport Sunglasses

Well, don’t consider it as just another pair of 18-karat gold sunglasses. Rather, it is a gorgeous optical jewelry that comes with a cool design, an ultra-modern look, an 18-karat gold frame that is expandable at the back and both sides, smart lenses having magnetic connection between them, and above all a super-comfy fit.

  • Product: CliC
  • Price: $75,000

9. Emerald Sunglasses

Emerald Sunglasses

The inspiration behind this awesome pair of emerald sunglasses was the emerald green stones that were used by the popular Roman emperor Nero for watching the fights between gladiators. However, the gemstones used in these sunglasses were processed over the period of as long as 5 years and the splendor of the final product can be imagined from its price.

  • Product: Shiels Jewelers
  • Price: $200,000

10. Gold and Diamond Dolce & Gabbana Dg2027b

Gold and Diamond Dolce & Gabbana Dg2027b

Now, here is the most expensive sunglass available in the world – the Gold and Diamond Dg2027b launched by the Dolce & Gabbana. From the frame to the lenses, this uber-stylish pair of shades is a true symbol of luxury, elegance and trend.

  • Product: Dolce and Gabbana
  • Price: $383,609

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