10 Health Benefits of Almond Milk

Almond milk is a great alternative for those who are averse to normal milk as it scores high on nutritional value as well as taste. The nutty taste that is characteristic of almond products is a great hot among kids and grownups alike. There are a host of wonderful benefits associated with this drink that make a truly compelling choice.

Almond Milk Benefits

Health-Friendly Almond Milk

This nutrition-packed milk will surely prove to be an effective way of getting a healthy body as its health benefits match and in some cases surpass conventional dairy choices.

  1. Packed with Nutritional Value: One of the most valuable substitutes for milk today, almond milk is rich in many nutrients like fiber, potassium, vitamin E, magnesium, selenium, calcium, iron and zinc. Its protein content can be compared to cow’s milk. The presence of numerous vitamins makes it an effective substance in lowering cholesterol and in preventing heart diseases. This can be attributed to Vitamin E presence, monosaturated fats and magnesium. Moreover the presence of copper, riboflavin and manganese in almond milk helps in stimulating energy production within the body.
  2. Keeps your Weight in Control: Recent studies have proved that having a diet rich in almonds along with a low calorie intake will be a more effective tool in managing weight where as others supply low calorie but are accompanied by complex carbohydrate intake. This has an adverse affect in increasing the weight of the body. For the lovers of a zero-size figure, almond milk has is a safe haven as it reduces BMI (body mass index), overall body fat and a thinning waistline.
  3. It is Lactose-free: Those having intolerance towards lactose will have difficulty in digesting milk. Almond milk can come to the rescue of such people as they can safely use it as an alternative and start relishing their favorite morning cereals once again without the downside of being reactive to lactose.
  4. A Healthy Heart: Each serving of almond milk contains 5 mg sodium and no cholesterol at all which can help in maintaining a normal blood pressure. In the absence of cholesterol, almond milk limits the chances of having bad cholesterol while increasing the levels of your good cholesterol. The presence of 150 gm of potassium in every serving also works to reduce blood pressure levels. Heart patients need no longer run away from milk for the sake of their heart health.
  5. Healthy for Your Bones: Almond milk contains 25% Vitamin D and 30% calcium when compared to the recommended daily usage. Some studies have also shown the importance of Vitamin D in decreasing osteoporosis. Magnesium that is present in almond milk also helps in a better absorption of calcium. This means that the milk cuts across age to help in building the meek bones of yours.
  6. A Healthy and Glowing Skin: Talk about a ‘healthy skin’ and the images of expensive cosmetics, creams and lotions flashes across your mind.  Fifty percent of the suggested daily consumption of Vitamin E every single serving of almond milk is an extremely powerful substance as an anti-oxidant and can help in maintaining the glow of your skin. Almond milk also helps in the regulation of the use of Vitamin A and its availability. To top it all, Vitamin E acts as the main regulatory nutrient to perk up the health of your skin. An inexpensive glass of almond milk can turn out to be your daily beauty treatment regimen.
  7. Maintains Blood Sugar Level: Your simple almond option contains only 8 gram of carbohydrate/ serving when compared to other alternatives. A limited effect on the blood sugar level can be witnessed from the seven grams of sugar that makes up that carbohydrate content. Almond milk has a relatively low amount of sugar glycemic present which means that the body can digest it fully thereby transforming into energy unlike what happens with simple sugars which aren’t digested and stored as fats in the body.
  8. Vitamin A presence Boosts Eyesight: Vitamin A has the ability to directly affect the manner in which eye can react to the differences in light. There are moderate levels of Vitamin A present in Almond milk that can help in the better functioning of the eyes.
  9. For Increasing Muscle Power: Although there is only 1 gram protein present in every serving of almond milk but this amount is sufficient in delivering substantial amounts of riboflavin and iron that helps the muscles to absorb protein and subsequently use it for providing energy, growth and repair of muscles.
  10. Phosphorous and Potassium Free Milk : Potassium and phosphorous are both responsible for damaging kidneys and both of these are present in a substantial amount in milk. This makes the consumption of almond milk all the more essential for those with kidney problems because of the lower content of these minerals.

As a healthy alternative, you can think of replacing your milk smoothies in the morning with a glass of almond milk or making some soups or sauces with it. It would be in the best interest of your health to befriend almond milk.

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