10 Hair accessories to try with Indian Outfits

We spend so much time choosing accessories to match our clothes, but many a times we ignore hairstyles and hair accessories. Just as your neck needs a necklace to be accentuated, you can accessorise your hair too and get people to go wow at it. There are a host of options to choose from when it comes to hair accessories. Let’s take a look at hair accessories that you can pair with indian outfits.

1. Maang Tika matching your jewellery

It is a quintessential hair accessory for a bride. But you could go ahead and wear a simple mang  tika when you are at another’s wedding too. Style your hair into an updo and match it with your jewellery. You could skip the bindi if you have an extra long mang tika.

Maang Tika matching your jewellery

2. Chunky hair accessory

Statement pieces like these should be the only accessory that you use. Style your hair into a high bun and use a chunky black metal or silver piece like this to secure it on all sides. This sure will give you a lot of attention.

Chunky hair accessory

3. Feathers

A jewelled clip on the side with feathers like this is bound to make your hair do the talking point of any party. Not only does this add character to your hairstyle, but also helps keep your hair pinned in place.


4. Artificial flowers

Style your hair into a fancy bun and use these artificial flowers that come in the form of small clips and pin them on the side. Be it a low bun or a high bun, it sure will add pizazz to your outfit.

Artificial flowers

5. Greek look Band

If your hair is all over the place and your outfit does not seem to be one with which you can wear a hairband, you can try a metallic headband like this with a jewel at the centre. It will double up both as an accessory and serve the purpose of holding your hair together.

Greek look Band

6. Hair accessory with stones

If you are dressed in an elegant diamond necklace and earrings, then a clip like this in your hair made of stones if a perfect match for your jewellery. Wear it with a simple chiffon or georgette sari and get ready to be complimented.

Hair accessory with stones

7. South indian braid accessory

This traditional South Indian accessory is a staple at South Indian Weddings. It comprises of a long chain of interconnected patterns in metal which is tied to the braid. It gives the bride a really regal look.

South indian braid accessory

8. Colourful paranda

These lovely colourful hair extensions add a touch of playfulness to your hair. Add these in as you reach the end of braiding your hair. Choose from parandas made of wool, beads or pearls depending on your outfit and the occasion.

Colourful paranda

9. Jewelled clips

Clips with beads, stones and pearls in gold and silver colour are a must have for every woman who wears traditional outfits regularly. They not just help in holding your hair in place but also add beauty and grace to your hairdo.

Jewelled clips

10.   Nothing to beat fresh flowers!

Have hair, adorn them with flowers! There is nothing to beat the charm and fragrance of jasmine or champa that is woven into your hair.

Nothing to beat fresh flowers!

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