10 Fruits for Glowing Skin

Every woman desires a glowing and radiant skin. Whether it is wrinkles or black spots or dark circles under the eyes – nothing is acceptable! While most of us run for cosmetic products, we often ignore the gifts nature has given us. Just because a natural process will take a little longer, we tend to forget that quick-action cosmetics are only a temporary relief. So, if you trust your Mother Nature, here is a list of 10 fruits for glowing skin:

Apricot: Harsh on wrinkles, this fruit gives you back the juvenile skin that you once admired for hours in front of the mirror. Vitamin A found in apricot is broken down into retinol in our body. Retinol helps in birth of new cells with barriers that look smooth.

Apricot for Skin

Orange: Dark circles giving your glowing skin a big challenge? This happens because collagen, the structure that supports the skin, is weak. The vitamin C in orange strengthens the collagen and lifts the sunken areas by strengthening collagen. This will give you a beautiful glow. Also, vitamin C is an antioxidant that destroys free radicals responsible for premature aging. Did we mention that skin blemishes like dark spots are also taken care of by this fruit?

Skin Benefits of Orange

Kiwi: Full of vitamin C and vitamin A! So, you get a defense against wrinkles and free radicals and at the same time, you get rid of dark circles! (Also Read Homemade Kiwi Fruit Face Masks)

Kiwi Skin Benefits

Blueberry: You don’t want to look saggy and old with wrinkled skins, do you? Go for blueberries please. It is the richest source of antioxidants you can find among common fruits.

Blueberry for Skin

Banana: A rich source of vitamins E, B and A, this fruits is also known for its anti-aging capabilities. If you don’t like eating it, simply mash it and dab on your face like a facial. It works. Bonus – eating bananas take care of menstrual cramps.

Banana Skin Benefits

Mango: The king of all fruits, mango makes your skin more elastic, regenerates your skin cells and slows down the aging process by neutralizing anti-oxidants. It is rich in several antioxidants including vitamin A.

Mango Skin Benefits

Papaya: Antioxidants are present without fail and so, premature aging is not a concern. What’s unique is the enzyme called papain. Papain in papaya clears off impurities in your skin and the dead cells are removed too! (Full article on “30 Benefits of Papaya For Skin & Health”)

Papaya Skin Benefits

Pomegranate: Ignore this fruit and you give environmental pollutions, harmful sun rays and wind a leeway to damage your skin. This fruit can reduce skin inflammation too! It can also slow down the aging process with its antioxidants. Also read Health Benefits of Pomegranate.

Pomegranate Skin Benefits

Avocado: Sores? Skin disorders? Reddened skin and sunburns? Eat this fruit and let it heal you. Monounsaturated fatty acids and niacin found in this fruit is known for nurturing skin. It also has vitamin E to combat free radicals.

Avocado Skin Benefits

Cherry: If unmarred and even-toned skin with no signs of acne is what you are looking for, stuff your fruit basket with cherries. It will take care of your skin blemishes!

Cherry for Skin

A Bonus Item: Don’t forget strawberries! Women are just drop-dead fan of this fruit and it slows down the aging process with its antioxidants. Vitamin C in this fruit gives you a younger-looking radiant skin.

Strawberries Benefits
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