10 Fabulous Manicure – Pedicure Combinations to Try Today

Women cannot live without looking prim and proper and manicure, pedicure play a huge role in looking refined at all times. But we spend so much time deciding on what colour to wear on our nails, don’t we ladies? There’s just something different about mani pedi combinations, and it’s this special thing about the two colours that take your look to new heights. Which is why we’re here, and we’ve made a list, especially for you. It’s as follows:

Manicure - Pedicure Combinations

1. Nude and Red

While Nude will look sober and sophisticated on your nails, red compliments it on your toes and they work together brilliantly and will therefore create a look that is beautifully contrasted.

2. Pop and Pastel

What can be done here is you can go ahead sporting a pastel or any light shade of pink, coral or any other similar colour on your hands whereas a bright or a darker shade of say perhaps purple, fuchsia, orange or blue on your toes. However, try to stick to the tonal groups whenever you do this as it will make your overall look appear way more cohesive.

3. Opposites attract

Complementary colours that sit on opposite of each other on the colour wheel can be applied together to create a striking effect. So if you’re wearing opposite colours, what is necessary is to have a certain consistency to strike the right balance. If you are aware of a crème colour then apply it to both your fingers and toes. Now if you like a frost finish, apply it for both.

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4. Black and Nude

The colours Black and Nude make a perfect combination for your nails and toes, which create a rock chic look,but don’t go overboard it and here comes the nude colour which tones down the intensity and richness of the black matte colour and gives you a overall fashionable look.

Manicure - Pedicure Combinations

5. Green and Gold

It doesn’t matter if you’re really going somewhere tropical or even fantasising about it, a colour like green, preferably Sea foam paired with a gorgeous, shimmering rose gold metallic colour will give let off those modern mermaid vibes that’ll make everyone so envious.

6. Hot Pink and Red

Summer is all about freedom and what a better way to free yourself than pairing a classic red colour with a vivid hot pink colour and create a bold yet funky clash between the two that restores your faith in yourself and also subtly tells everyone how you’re never too old to play by your own rules.

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7. Yellow and Peachy Pink

Now this instantly might remind some of a deliciously refreshing piña colada. Why not make as your manicure and pedicure as bright and comforting? Applying a cheery lemon chiffon shade and a retro-sweet peachy pink colour, every hour after that will begin to feel like a happy, joyous hour.

 8. Cobalt and Apricot

This goes on the line of surf and sand. With a possibly golden shimmer finish, an apricot shade will bring your mind to a much needed beach filled state and when you coordinate with a rich and vivid cobalt, they just compliment each other like a dream, a dream about beaches.

9. Coral and Baby Blue

It doesn’t particularly matter what the occasion here is as long as you’ve got a juicy coral colour and a clear-blue-sky shade on your fingertips and toes, you’re good to go.

10. Lavender and Green

A bright, metallic jungle green like Colour paired with a demure yet eye-catching pastel lavender will give you a classy look for perhaps a music festival and before you even know it, you will have nailed the quirky fashion look.

Hope you’ve liked our suggestions and try to apply them whenever you can.

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