10 Most Dazzling Chignon Hairstyles for You

‘Chignon’, originated from ‘chignon du cou’ – a French expression meant ‘nape of the neck’, is a particular woman hairstyle. It is highly popular among celebs. In this article, we have sorted out 10 most striking chignon hairdos that you would love to give a try:

1. Low and Messy Side Bun

Want to look ultra-stylish? This low side chignon bun can turn out to be your best solution. The bunch of locks lying carelessly at the nape of your neck makes your appearance sophisticated. For an added touch of elegance, keep the hair a bit messy.

Low and Messy Side Bun

2. Shell-Shaped Chignon Bun

This shell chignon is ideal for enjoying a sweat-free summer. From a formal event to a casual party, you can sport this hairdo any time and attain a modish look easily. Just choose the right outfit to show off your sexy back and style up your hair in this way. You’re done!

Shell-Shaped Chignon Bun

3. Elongated Braided Side Bun

If you want something more than a simple low side bun, this elongated braided chignon should be your way out. At first, create a messy braid and then twist it into a low side bun. Pull it a little bit by using both your hands in order to give an elongated look.

Elongated Braided Side Bun

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4. Chignon with Bumped Up Top

Here is another chignon hairstyle, which is extremely pleasing to eye. You can sport it gracefully, if it suits your personality. Application of a shining gel to the bump can make this hairstyle even more attractive. So, just go and get ready to sizzle an event.

Chignon with Bumped Up Top

5. Twist-n-Turn Braided Side Bun

Now, this is one more example of braided side bun. You can either make it tight or leave it loose. We have made the simple chignon unique by adding several twists and turns. There is no need of a lot of braiding. All you have to do is to hold your patience and come up with a neat hairstyle.

Twist-n-Turn Braided Side Bun

6. Classic Up-Do with French Twist

Girls with long voluminous hair should love to wear this classic chignon hairdo. It is basically a chic combination of a traditional up-do and a trendy French twist. It might take some time to create. But once you master it, you can make this hairstyle perfectly.

Classic Up-Do with French Twist

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7. Side Bun with Half-Way Curls

Who says that chignon hairstyle is not for women with short hair? Try this cute half-way curled hairdo and you will surely get impressed. It is best for shoulder-length locks. For a more glamorous look, make use of different hair accessories.

Side Bun with Half-Way Curls

8. Low Bun with Large Curls

A totally lovable chignon hairstyle it is! Have a look at the big low bun and those beautiful curls embracing it. Pink flowers have made the entire look truly dramatic. No other hairdo can be more striking for a wedding than this one.

Low Bun with Large Curls

9. Braided Low and Messy Bun

As you’ve seen, thin braids enhance the beauty of a chignon bun significantly. This low braided bun is another example of it. The best part of this hairstyle is its messy look. Moreover, it can be sported by women of any age.

Braided Low and Messy Bun

10. Easy and Simple Chignon Bun

Finally, here is one of the most simple chignon buns that can be made very easily. It is really great for adding a zing to your day-to-day look. If you wish to make the most of it, accessorize it accordingly.

Easy and Simple Chignon Bun

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