10 Beautiful Bangle Mehendi Designs

Intricate mehendi designs are substitute for jewels. If you want to go for minimal hand accessories, attractive bangle style mehendi pattern can fulfill your purpose. Comprising all the finest henna motifs, these mehendi designs not only beautify your wrist but also give you an option to go bare hands in style…

1.  This glittery henna pattern is alluring. In multi hues it suffices the need of bangles and make your hand look stunning.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

2.  Marwari motifs and flower patterns make this henna design a great pick. Adorn your wrist with this bangle style mehendi design…

Bangle Mehendi Designs

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3. Crafted in shape of handcuffs, this striking mehendi design has all the charms of an attractive bangle. Revolving around your wrist, this glittery mehendi design looks awesome.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

4. If you had always thought of wearing a full-length hand gear, this lovely design will fulfill your desire without adding extra weight on your forearm. Its paisley motifs are too lovely.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

5. A striking floral pattern is artistically complemented with net style henna design. Go minimalist with bangles by getting this henna bangle.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

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6. If you don’t want to wear bangles just at the wrist joint, you can wear little above towards elbow.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

7.  A henna design can be a great complementation for your hand accessory. If you like to wear watch in your hand, a floral bracelet design can make your hand more gorgeous.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

8.  Gone are the days when henna patterns had only one shade – red. They are multi-colored now and need no assistance to boost their magnificence. Check this henna pattern and decide whether you need to put any bangle on your wrist or not.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

9.  Bangles are not only round. They can be in unusual shape. If you are being hesitant of wearing unique style bangles, this henna bangle can be a choice for you.

Bangle Mehendi Designs

10. A full hand mehendi design can help you to avoid all the much-adored hand jewels. Go for this bangle style mehendi design to avoid bangles, rings and every other heavy hand accessory.


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