10 Bad Skin Habits to Avoid

We always admire a glowing and healthy looking skin, but how many of us even follow the basic rules of skin care properly in our daily life? It’s true that with a fast paced lifestyle to cope up with, we do not get enough time to indulge in various beauty regimes and healthy options rightly. However, it is equally true that you do not need to spend hours or fortune in skincare. Some simple yet highly effective tips and tricks can help keep your skin stay amazingly beautiful without extra effort.

Bad Skin Habits to Stay Away From

There are some silly bad skin habits that most of us do, however not deliberately. If you can take care of these basic habits, you can recover your glowing skin successfully without struggle. Excited to know more? Read below to get enhanced…

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1. Stepping out in sun without using a sunscreen

The UV rays of sun hamper our skin badly. It tends to burn the skin, resulting in patches and tan which become hard to remove later. Hence it is suggested that you always use a good SPF sunscreen before stepping out of home.

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2. Popping your pimples

Even if you are having a tough time with your pimple problem, make sure that you never pop it with hands or nails. It is advised that you consult a dermatologist and use proper skincare products to get rid of pimples effectively.

3. Too much of junk foods and unhealthy lifestyle

Over indulgence in fast food items and alcoholic drinks should be avoided strictly in order to get a healthy looking skin. If you have smoking habit, it needs to be curtailed as these habits result in body toxins which affect the skin’s texture, color and health.

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4. Using too much chemically treated cosmetic items

To boost your beauty, never opt for too much makeup products which clog the skin pores and prevent the skin from breathing naturally. Instead of cosmetic items, always try to use herbal products for your beauty enhancement.


5. Soap for face cleanup

Our facial skin is more sensitive and soft in comparison to body; therefore it is essential that you do not use soaps to clean your face. As an alternative, bank on natural face cleaners and gel face wash to make your skin clean, moisturized and hydrated rightly.

6. Going to bed with makeup

Many of us often go to sleep without removing the makeup and dirt properly after a long and tiring day. This practice is extremely bad and harmful as the chemical ingredients of cosmetic products get to hinder our skin for longer time period. Hence, always make sure that you wash and clean your face and neck thoroughly before going off to bed.

7. Bathing with hot water

Using warm water during winter days is a normal practice but you should never opt for hot water for shower throughout the year. Some people feel relaxed and rejuvenated after a bath of warm water; however make certain that it’s not too hot. Boiling hot water damages the skin and its soft texture, making it appear dry, flaky and blistered.

8. Using common cosmetics and combs

This is a more common practice among children and teenagers who often share their cosmetics, combs and other beauty products with friends. Though sharing is always a good gesture, there are several things which are better not shared due to health benefits. It is always suggested that you do not use other people’s comb, cosmetics and towels that can result in bacterial breakouts.

9. Overdo beauty regime

Overdoing anything is bad…it’s same for your skincare also. Never indulge in facials and face packs regularly as it makes the skin dry and patchy. Maintain a minimum gap of 10-15 days between two facial sessions in order to have glowing skin tone.

10. Late sleeping habit

To keep your skin healthy and bright, proper rest of at least 7-8 hours is crucially needed. Late night sleep mostly result in dark circles, wrinkles and puffy eyes. Therefore, always try to have sound sleep at the end of the day which can work wonder in rejuvenating your senses.

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