10 Awesome Style Ideas For Pixie Cuts

Sweet and simple pixie cut has always been an emblem of power. No wonder, Hollywood actress to power sirens of political world were never hesitant in wearing this adorable haircut. But all of them sported a different style of this adorable cut… Here, we have listed 10 most awesome of them. Scroll down and have a look-

1. Textured Pixie – A short  razored hair cut with slight edge is an stylish makeover of traditional pixie. Going perfectly on women with sharp facial features, this haircut volumizes the layered crown area and make you look good in a short messy hairdo. Browse image for better idea –

Textured Pixie

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2. The Spiky Pixie –Who says that spikes are made only for boys? An ultimate pixie cut offers smartness of spiky hair to women too. In spiked pixie cut, hair is kept extremely short with texture hand. You can spike up your crown area hair with help of gel.

The Spiky Pixie

3.  The Soft Pixie – Also known as sugar pixie cut, this hair exhibits feminine glamour in short hair style. In this style, hair is cut short around ear and kept a little longer in rest of head and circumference. To make it more girlie you can color your hair in soft pink shades.

The Soft Pixie

4. Curled Pixie– Noodled pixie is an amazing haircut. The cuteness of curly hair pops out in this hairstyle without making your hair look messy…Halle Berry wore this hairstyle in the best way…

Curled Pixie

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5. Sleek Pixie – Often referred as the power cut for women, sleek pixie is the hot favorite for women in power galore. Highlighting facial features, this simple and cute design looks perfect with professional garbs…

Sleek Pixie

6. Asymmetrical Cut– Want to sport rock star look in your short tresses? Pixie cut has a solution for it as well. Asymmetrical cut gives you a perfect rock star look in short hair too.

Asymmetrical Cut

7. Faux Mohawk – Go sporty with your looks by sporting faux Mohawk with help of your asymmetrical pixie cut. Comb your front hair in upward direction after taking shower to bring the perfection of Mohawk in your looks…

Faux Mohawk

8. Cropped pixie – There would be hardly anyone who would deny the fascination of cropped pixie. Another power avatar of this short hair style, cropped pixie is mostly worn by Hollywood celebs. Anne Hathaway sports somewhat alike this hair style.

Cropped pixie

9. Tousled Cut – One of the finest ways to enjoy the freedom of having pixie haircut is leaving completely messy. This tousled hairstyle will make you sneak into a new look without messing up with your overall appearance.

Tousled Cut

10. Versatile Pixie – Women with fine hairs often find it difficult to sport a short hairstyle, as it makes their hair look thinner. Versatile Pixie cut is a perfect solution for them all. Making your hair look much thicker, this pixie cut highlights your facial beauty too. And, if you an oval face, girls, you are going to rock this pixie hairstyle.

Versatile Pixie

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