10 Awesome Brunette Hairstyles to try

There has been no better time to be brunette. There are so many ways which you can style and highlight your brunette hair. There are so many brunette beauties in the movie industry that you can take inspiration from to style your hair. We give you here 10 awesome brunette hairstyles that you can try.

 1. Keira Knightley’s straight hair

Keira Knightley's straight hair

To get this kind of look, get poker straight hair cut in layers near the chin. Mix lowlights and highlights such that you get a shimmering appearance. Make sure that your hair color does not look too stripe-like.

2. Jennifer Garner’s Wavy Locks

Jennifer Garner's Wavy Locks

Jennifer Garner plays her brunette hair to an advantage with this hairdo. Those glossy streaks add depth to the wavy hair. She styles her hair well with a center partition and twisting her hair on either side as a result of which her waves look even more voluminous.

3. Jessica Biel’s long flowy hairstyle

Jessica Biel's long flowy hairstyle

The brunette bangs add softness to her face while the golden highlights make her brunette hair shine more. Go in for a hand painted balayage technique to get this look.

4. Alexa Chung’s parted bangs 

Alexa Chung's parted bangs

The center parted fringe adds a new dimension to her face while the softly curled golden edged hair make her hair look chic and sleek.

5. Katie Holmes all over brunette

Katie Holmes all over brunette

Katie Holmes’s chocolate brunette hair emphasizes on her hair’s shine and brings out the color of her face beautifully. She gives her hair a soft curly look and still rocks the look, going to prove that all over single color hair does not have to be boring.

6. Cheryl Cole Ponytail

Cheryl Cole Ponytail

Cheryl Cole wears her brunette hair with highlights in a fun simple ponytail. Add volume to your hair by combing back the hair at the crown. The fringe breaks the monotony and frames her face beautifully.

7. Miranda Kerr Sideswept hair

Miranda Kerr Sideswept hair

Miranda Kerr wears her bouncy brunette hair sideswept. To get this look, curl your hair with a 1 and 1/2 inch curling iron and wear it on a side. You can add a slick bang on the other side of the face. Use some serum for extra shine.

8.  Jessica Alba Updo

Jessica Alba Updo

This updo with curly hair on the crown adds volume to your hair. Curl your hair on the crown and sweep your hair on one side and roll it up into a bun. Pull out a few fly-aways for a soft feminine look. Combine the look with smoky eyes and you are good to go for an evening out.

9.  Alessandra Ambrisio’s half up half down look

Alessandra Ambrisio's half up half down look

Part your hair at the center and loosely pull back the hair on the crown and secure it at the back. Let down the remaining hair for an easy half up-half down look. This look works great when you have highlights that can be shown off.

10. Anne Hathway’s Short Hairdo

Anne Hathway's Short Hairdo

If you wear your hair short, then this is a no fuss hairdo. Apply some serum on your hair while blow drying it and scrunch your hair while doing so. Part your hair on the side and run your fingers through your hair to get this girl next door look.

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