10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Brahmi Oil

Brahmi is a regenerative, native Indian creeping herb found in bogs, marshes and other muddy wetlands. It is a plant characterized by thick stemmed leaves which are crinkled and arranged in opposite whorls. This plant consists of many useful chemical compounds which include alkaloids like Brahmine, Herpestine etc., flavonoids, saponins etc.

Brahmi Oil

Extraction of Brahmi Oil

The extraction of Brahmi oil is done by

  1. Collecting fresh and healthy leaves
  2. Washing them thoroughly to remove the presence of physical impurities
  3. Crushing them using the process of steam distillation to extract the Brahmi oil.

This extracted oil is very beneficial and can be used to treat a number of different ailments. It is also a very popular feature of both Ayurveda as well as Japanese traditional medicine.

10 Health Benefits of Brahmi Oil

Brahmi oil has many fantastic health benefits. Some of which of the most important ones are

1. Helps in the growth of healthy hair: Brahmi oil, if applied regularly every night, helps to alleviate a lot of hair problems. This light massage done on the scalp helps to

Strengthen the hair by replenishing the hair roots,

Inhibit and reduce the formation of split ends and

Prevents the occurrence of dandruff by reducing scalp itchiness and lessening the formation of flakes

2. Helps to revitalise the scalp: A warm hot Brahmi oil massage of the scalp helps to provide nourishment and also acts as a revitalizing agent and a stimulant.

3. Helps to fight Alopecia: Alopecia is the medical term for consistent and extreme hair fall, which, if left untreated might result in temporary or permanent baldness. The antioxidant property of Brahmi oil ensures the formation of healthy and strong hair roots. This prevents hair loss and also cools your head.

4. Cures Insomnia or sleep disorder: Insomnia is generally caused by the feelings of anxiety and nervousness leading to tension. Massaging the head with Brahmi oil every night helps to rid the body of all tensions. It induces a feeling of lethargy making it possible to sleep faster.

5. Treats Epilepsy: Brahmi oil along with another Ayurvedic herb, Vacha, has been successfully used to treat epilepsy, a neurological disorder. In fact, Brahmi oil is one of the ingredients used to formulate medicines for this disorder.

6. Enhance mental capabilities: Brahmi oils has a soothing effect on the mind which leads to

Enhanced concentration,

Increased memory power,

Significant increase in mental alertness and

Enhanced capacity to retain things.

7. Provides relief from joint pains: Brahmi oil when massaged onto tender or swollen joints, caused either due to rheumatism or sprain, helps to give relief from the pain experienced.

8. Helps in dealing with wounds and ulcers: Wounds and ulcers can also be successfully treated by the regular application of Brahmi Oil.

9. Helps to relax: A bath taken regularly with a few drops of Brahmi oil mixed in water helps to soothe tired muscles and alleviates pain in sore body parts.

10. Helps to deal with mental problems: Several problems related to the improper functioning of the brain due to old age, such as amnesia, Alzheimer’s etc., can be successfully dealt with using Brahmi oil.

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