10 Amazing Health Benefits of Almond Oil

We all remember the times when our mothers used to slip in a handful of almonds into our coat pockets on winter mornings when we were rushing to school. Almonds have long been the epitome of healthy eating. They are known for their nourishing goodness and their amazing properties. Almond oil too, just like the fruit, is extremely healthy for your skin and hair.

Packed with natural goodness of vitamins and minerals, almond oil is great for massages on cold winter mornings. Whether you have dry skin or rheumatoid arthritis, this oil can help you beat the winter blues due to its inherent warmth. Here are some of the top benefits of this nature’s gift to us.

Almond scrub

1. Rich source of vitamins and minerals: Sweet almond oil, though expensive, is very nutritionally rich. It contains vitamins E and D, and a lot of minerals like potassium, magnesium and calcium. Just add a few drops of it in any recipe, to nutritionally enhance your dish. It has a very mild and sweet taste, so you won’t be altering how your dish tastes, while adding a lot of natural goodness to it.

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2. High flavonoids content: Almond oil is rich in antioxidants, known as flavonoids. These antioxidants neutralize the cancer causing oxygen radicals and prevent illnesses. These flavonoids are concentrated on the almond skins. Almond oil is also a rich source of these flavonoids, but they are more abundant in raw almonds – especially if you eat them with their skin.

3. Healthy, shiny hair: Almond oil can be applied in your hair. Almond oil contains omega 6 fatty acids which regenerates scalp skin and stimulates hair growth. It also strengthens your hair and provides heat to the scalp to promote blood flow to the hair roots. When the hair roots get more blood, they also get more nourishment.

4. Healthy, youthful skin: Skin is the largest organ of the body. A massage with almond oil allows your skin to be very healthy and remain youthful. Regular massaging with almond oil deeply moisturizes your skin and gives it a natural glow. When your skin is so nourished, it does not wrinkle. Almond oil also contains vitamin E, which improves the quality of collagen and helps you maintain your skin’s elasticity. You can add a few drops of almond oil in honey and apply this mixture under your eyes. This would reduce puffiness and dark circles.

Dark Circles

5. Good cholesterol: Almond oil is a good source of Omega 3 fatty acids, a nutrient which acts on the blood cholesterol and lowers the bad cholesterol, improving cardiac health and blood pressure. Replace vegetable oil with almond oil for your cooking and see the benefits it has on your health. Though the oil is more expensive than your regular vegetable cooking oil, it is certainly beneficial to switch to it.

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6. Stretch marks: Regular massages with almond oil leaves your skin deeply nourished. Even the deeper layers of your skin are moisturized with almond oil. When you massage your belly and other parts of your body with almond oil during pregnancy, it can reduce the appearance of stretch marks and keep your skin glowing naturally.

7. Treatment of anaemia: A lack of healthy haemoglobin, which carries oxygen to your cells, can lead to a medical condition known as anaemia. Almond oil is rich in iron, which can help improve your haemoglobin content and improve your blood’s oxygen carrying capacity. The combination of iron, copper and other vitamins in almonds, promote synthesis of haemoglobin.

8. Good for your brain: The omega 6 fatty acids in almond are a great nutrient for the development of your brain. The grey matter of your brain is highly nourished with this nutrient and your mental acuity will consistently improve when you continue to consume almond oils.

9. Strengthen your immune system: Almonds have a very low glycemic index (GI) and therefore protect your body from sudden spikes of GI, which is one of the primary causes of diabetes. Adding almond oil to your foods can help prevent escalation of blood sugar, especially after your meals. It also maintains and regulates insulin levels in your body, further mitigating the risks of developing diabetes.

10.  Healthy pregnancy: All the nutrients in almond oil are great for your body. When you are pregnant, these nutrients can be passed on to your baby as well. Folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamins promote the health of your developing baby and ensure that you have a healthy pregnancy.

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