Waxing – Before or After a Shower? All That You Need to Know

Waxing is a vital part of our beauty regimen. No matter how painful it seems to us, we simply can’t ignore its importance. But the one question that always makes us doubtful is what the best time for waxing is. Is it before or after taking a shower? Well, let us uncover the truth:

Waxing – Before or After a Shower?

Taking a Shower Before Waxing

Many of us think that taking a good shower right before waxing is great as it can actually benefit the process as well as the skin. However, let us take a close look at the fact and know the pros and cons of it:

(a) Pros:

Using warm or lukewarm water for taking a shower is always a good option, especially if you are planning for a waxing. It can open up the otherwise closed skin pores and make the process of removal of hair much easier. The more your pores will get opened up, the better, faster and less painful your waxing will be.

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(b) Cons:

  1. Taking a shower with warm or lukewarm water usually makes our skin softer. Hence, if you wax after this, the hot wax used during the method may irritate your skin, cause bruise to it or even burn it out. As a result, you may end up messing up the whole procedure and causing harm to yourself.
  2. It will become tough for the dead skin cells present on the uppermost layer of your skin to come off easily, if you wax after taking a shower. As the skin will turn softer, the skin will not remain dry enough and hence, you will not be able to get rid of the loose cells.

(c) Points to Remember:

  • Always avoid hot water for bathing before waxing. The temperature of the water must be bearable enough and it should not hurt your skin.
  • Never start waxing right after getting out of the bath. It is always recommended that you maintain a gap of a couple of hours in between your shower and the waxing session in order to allow your body temperature to get normalized. If it is not possible, wait at least half an hour before starting the process.
  • Make sure that the temperature of your skin is almost normal before applying the hot wax. It will help you avoid any kind of discomfort or reaction.
  • There is no need of applying body lotion, moisturizer or any sort of deodorant, if you are preparing for waxing. All these will be removed completely during the procedure.

Waxing – Before or After a Shower?

Taking a Shower After Waxing

Now, the question is what happens when you take a shower after waxing? Should you always follow this method instead of the previous one? Let us make the fact clear by revealing the pros and cons of the procedure:

(a) Pros:

Taking a shower after carrying out the process of waxing is a wise idea as it helps a lot in cleaning up. The ingredient used in it is quite sticky, which makes the method a messy one. So, a shower is absolutely necessary after it.

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(b) Cons:

There is no such con of this procedure.

(c) Points to Remember:

  • Do not take a shower immediate after the waxing. Give your skin a considerable amount of time to adjust with the room temperature so that you do not need to face an unpleasant situation.
  • Never ever take a hot shower or sauna before 24 hours of waxing. It will irritate your sensitive skin and hurt it badly. Rather, make use of warm or lukewarm water for this purpose.

To conclude, it is always better to take a shower after waxing. Are you doing it the right way?

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